News Digest: FLOTUS spends Mother’s Day in Slovakia

Prime Minister Eduardo Hager spent the BBC moment. Slovaks do not want to give up Russian gas.

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good evening May 2 (Monday) Today in Slovakia Within 5 minutes you will be ready for the main news of the day.

Jill Biden spends Mother’s Day in Slovakia

First Lady of the United States Jill Biden visits Slovakia Next weekend.

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Articles continue after video ads

Her first step leads to the American Embassy in Bratislava, where she will meet with its staff on May 7. The next day she travels to eastern Slovakia. First Lady spends her Mother’s Day with Ukrainian refugees, humanitarian workers and Slovaks helping refugees. In addition to Košice, she stops in the small town of Vishne Mecca on the border with Ukraine.

On Monday, the First Lady will meet with government officials. The White House will provide more details later.

speech: Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky wants to support Slovak MP In the near future.

Storage does not harm the original PM Fico

Parliamentarians are discussing the Prosecutor’s Office’s request to allow Smer leader Robert Fico to be detained on the basis of serious problems. Criminal accusation imposed on him April 20th.

The Parliamentary Mission and Exemption Committee has already recommended that members approve the request, but that decision is not binding on Parliament.

If Fico is detained, He will not lose the MP mission, but he will not be able to exercise it. Observers agree that this may not mean a significant reduction in general support for Smer.

Observers add that Fico has been preparing for this moment for two years in opposition and consistently signals that all allegations are political acts aimed at harming his party. ..

So what can beat Fico?

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What to listen to

BBC interviews Prime Minister Eduard Hager

Presenter Stephen Soccer sits with Slovak Prime Minister Eduardo Hager in Bratislava and talks about the war in Ukraine and the current gas crisis in Europe.

Listen to an interview with BBCHARD talk..

The prime minister has recently appeared Newsnight, BBC Two. In an interview with Kirsty Walk, he reiterates the war in Ukraine.

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In other news

  • On May 1, 3,392 Ukrainian refugees arrived in Slovakia. A total of 116 refugees applied for temporary evacuation on the same day.
  • Criminal charges for personal use of marijuana It will be reduced from May 1st, while maintaining the current quantitative limits. A person can spend a year or two in prison.
  • Recently, 150 people have been diagnosed as Covid positive.. There are 735 Covid-infected persons in Slovak hospitals, and an additional 14 reported deaths from Covid.
  • Prosecution Lawyer Marekpara was detainedFollowing a Supreme Court ruling from May 2, he was accused of establishing and supporting organized crime groups.
  • The Ministry of Defense is not just about reconnaissance Combat drone.. We are discussing purchases with several manufacturers on the market.
  • Poland protects Slovak airspace Free. Defense Minister Yaroslav Nae wrote on Facebook that Slovakia only pays the country for fuel.
  • Pope Francis was given a crystal cross Made by a Slovak Lednické Rovne craftsman on April 30 during a pilgrimage to the Vatican. The pilgrimage thanked him for his visit to Slovakia.


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