News Digest: Parliamentary Bin Requests Arrest of Former Prime Minister Fico

A Russian missile attacked a station near the Slovak border. The design of a monument in honor of the murdered journalist Jan Kuciak has been announced.

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good evening May 4th (Wednesday) version Today in Slovakia Within 5 minutes you will be ready for the main news of the day.

Congress refuses to arrest Fico

Former Prime Minister and Diet member indicted Former ruling party Smar Robert Fico evades pre-trial custody..

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Congress did not support the request filed by the public prosecutor’s office for approval to arrest Fico on Wednesday, May 4. During the vote, 74 lawmakers upheld the request.

Allowing the arrest of Chair Smer required the consent of the absolute majority of the members present. All 150 members attended the vote on Wednesday. Therefore, 76 votes were required to pass the request.

Even if Congress agreed to arrest, the court would have had to decide to custody Fico before the trial.

Russian missiles near the Slovak border

Slovak Air defense system registered attack Western Ukraine.

A Russian missile attacked the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine on May 3, about 100 kilometers from the Slovak border. Defense Minister Yaroslav Nae admitted that the close proximity of the attacks made him uneasy.

“The attack was intended to destroy the railway station,” Naď said. “We must warn people to reconsider, especially to and from Ukraine by train.”

War in Ukraine

  • is more than 3,300 Ukrainian refugees cross the border between Slovakia and Ukraine The Ministry of Interior has announced that it will enter Slovakia on May 3. The ministry added that 314 refugees applied for temporary protection on the same day, but the number of refugees in temporary protection status increased to more than 73,000.
  • Slovakia buys Ukrainian medicine 1.4 million euros.

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Featured article

Brand new construction method adopted 50 years later

Slovakia plans to enact a new construction law almost half a century later.

Legislators have passed a new law written by Deputy Prime Minister Stephen Holly. Therefore, the country is heading for a revolution in the building permit process.

“It’s not a fix, a fix, it’s not overheated. Passed a completely new law, a modern law that reflects the needs of the general public, Holly says.

The road to passing the bill was long and often controversial.

what is it Changes brought about by law??

Wednesday photo


The visualization of the victory of the Freedom Monument is aimed at praising Murdered journalist Jan Kuciak And his fiance Martina Kušnírová was announced.

The “Garden” project, designed by Benjamín Brádňanský, Vít Halada and Martin Piaček, will be installed in Veľká Mača next year. The couple lived in the town before they were killed.

This monument represents the changes in Slovak society after the murder and the future of a free and democratic country.

The latest trends in Kuciak’s murder retrial: May 3rd Professional criminal court heard prosecutor’s testimony The murder is believed to have been ordered by defendants Marian Cotuner and Arena Zuzusova.

In other news

  • Economic Minister Richard Slick said Slovakia would support Another proposed package of anti-Russian sanctionsHowever, Slovakia added that it is seeking solidarity with the EU. High dependence of the country About Russian gas and oil. Slovakia requires a three-year transition period for Russia’s oil embargo. The EU is expected to approve the transition period. That period is under discussion. “Hungary wants a permanent exemption, so it is unfair and wrong to see us here in the same way as Hungary.”
  • Legislator approved Maximum number of NATO soldiers – 3,000 – People who can work in Slovakia as part of the Alliance’s battlegroup. In March, Congress initially agreed 2,100 NATO soldiers..
  • President Zuzana Chaptova has been reappointed General Daniel Zumeko As Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Slovakia. The government decided to reappoint him on April 27.
  • Slovakia sends 124,000 Covid-19 Vaccine for children to Berry’sThe government announced.
  • The number of Covid-19 patients admitted to Slovak hospitals is further declining. On May 3, the hospital reported 591 patients.there were 746 new Covid-19 infections Detected in Slovakia. Five people died in Covid-19.
  • New Slovak ID card contains fingerprints A photo of the face in the form of next year’s biometric data. MP passed a bill to amend the ID Card Act on May 4th.


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