News Digest: Public Broadcasters Get New Chief

Slovak scientists are developing cures for deadly dog ​​diseases, water scarcity, in some districts. See today’s digest for more information.

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good eveningThis is Thursday, June 30th Today in Slovakia -Main news of the day within 5 minutes.

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Articles continue after video ads

Public broadcasting station becomes new chief

After spending a turbulent time under Chief Yaroslav Resnick In the meantime, several reporters quitA new general director has been appointed to the public broadcasting station RTVS.

Ľuboš Machaj, who has a career in the media for over 40 years, will take office on August 1st.

Machaj was elected to that position after gaining the support of 89 of the 122 members who attended the parliamentary vote today. Resnick was endorsed by the opposition, even though the expert committee did not recommend him.

Among the issues Machaj wants to address are viewer concerns about incomplete archiving at broadcasters and the lack of original content in podcasts. Learn more about Ľuboš Machaj..

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Today’s feature article

Babesiosis, a potentially life-threatening illness in dogs, has increased in recent years in Slovakia and is more commonly known as “bloody pee”, following one of the symptoms of dark red urine. increase.

Currently, scientists at the Institute of Parasitology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the University of Veterinary Pharmacy in Kosice have developed new and effective treatments for more severe and chronic illnesses.

Please check this out for details.

A new cure for a potentially deadly dog ​​disease comes from Slovakia read more

Photo of the day

On June 30, children across Slovakia received a year-end report card. However, some of these children last met the teacher because they quit their jobs. The photo shows Vladimir Kurmoman, head of the Slovak Teachers’ Council, submitting a letter to government agencies with the names of teachers who have left or are about to leave school. Slovakia struggles to replace dissatisfied teachers Thousands went out on the streets in mid-June, but quit their jobs Demand a higher salary..

In other news

  • On June 29, the maximum temperature reached 37.2 degrees Celsius in the village of Somotor in the Košice region., Set a new record for the day in Slovakia. It is expected to be hot on Thursday and Friday as well. If you are in Bratislava Here is a list of places where you can cool down..
  • On Thursday, several surveillance stations reported temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius. At the time of writing, the Slovak Institute for Hydrological Meteorological Research expected that the record for a maximum temperature of 38.2 ° C in June set in 2012 would be broken.
  • Friday and weekend weather forecasts by the Slovak Institute for Hydrological Meteorological Research.. It’s sunny on Fridays and the daily maximum temperature is 32 to 37 degrees Celsius. Saturdays are partially cloudy, with daily highs gently dropping from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. It will be partially cloudy on Sundays and the temperature will be around 30 degrees Celsius.
  • From July 1st, public transport will operate on a summer schedule. The same applies to local buses. Bicycle transportation options are extended on selected routes.more Information in Slovak can be found here..
  • At the Uzhhorod border crossing between Slovakia and Ukraine, a line of passenger cars is formed... In the former case, the driver waits about 30 minutes when entering Slovakia, but waits 30 hours in the opposite direction. The same is true for the latter case. In May, a Ukrainian with a car bought abroad clogged a Ubian intersection., In some cases, wait a few days for the crossing to be allowed. Ukrainian authorities have eliminated customs and taxes on imported vehicles in a move designed to make it easier for both Ukrainian troops and civilians to replace destroyed vehicles.
  • Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kieu, the capital of Ukraine, thanked the country and people who were devastated by the war in Slovakia., Defense Minister Yaroslav Nae said the two met at the NATO summit in Madrid.Slovakia I sent the S-300 air defense systemSome Zuzana HowitzerWhen helicopter Since the start of the Russian invasion, to Ukraine.Also Support for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union..
  • On July 1, Slovakia will chair the Visegrad Group.

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