News Digest: Russia Exiles Slovak Diplomats

The Interior Minister will face a distrust resolution. Large capacity center opens in Bratislava. A new date has been set for the Kuciak murder. More in today’s digest.

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Good evening. Welcome to the Monday, March 28, 2022 edition Today in Slovakia The main news of the day will arrive within 5 minutes.

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Interior Minister criticized dealing with refugee crisis

The Ministry of Interior has faced criticism that it has mishandled the refugee crisis on the eastern border of Slovakia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Volunteers supporting the border expressed opposition to managing the crisis, often saying that the government was somewhat invisible at the border.

The Home Office took over control at the border, but now I need to explain why private companies were involved.. Critics of Minister of Rome Mikulek (OĽaNO) said the state had put control of the crisis into the hands of private companies. They also quote a alleged link to the Higher Union Party OĽaNO.

The minister said he disagreed, and the main reasons for choosing a private company to set up a large-capacity crisis center in Michalovce were emergencies, lack of time, lack of government materials and personal resources, and soon. Ability to prepare.

The opposition tries to get Miclek out of his seat anyway. The session will be held on Wednesday, March 30th.

The coalition partner also asks Miclek.

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Large-capacity new center opens in the capital

Refugees from Ukraine coming to Bratislava can now use the new high-capacity support center Located on the grounds of a temporary bus station on Bottova Street, directly opposite the Nivy bus station.

The center is run by the city of Bratislava in collaboration with states, non-governmental organizations and the private sector, and is non-stop and fully supports refugees. This includes health, law, psychological and social support.

In addition, refugees can find food, information, places to relax, and points to process the necessary documents, such as minutes managed by foreign police and children’s playgrounds.

The new center will serve up to 2,500 people per day.

Refugees from Ukraine

  • A total of 657 men, 1,816 women and 954 children Crossed the border between Slovakia and Ukraine on March 27. 673 people Applies for temporary protection. A total of 282,886 people from Ukraine crossed the border, 54,585 applied for temporary protection and 163 applied for asylum, according to Interior Ministry data.
  • President Zuzana Chaptova is ready to sign Rex Ukrainian law todayAfter the law was promised not to be used at the expense of the poor. On Friday, she said she didn’t sign the law, Approved by Parliament on March 23Slovak people argue that they should be protected from the termination of their rental contract.
  • Provided by Japan Post Co., Ltd. Slovenská Pošta Possibility to send humanitarian packages to Ukraine for free.. The package weighs up to 5 kilograms and should clearly state “humanitarian aid”. The maximum value of the item in the package is € 50.
  • IPčko Citizens’ Association psychologists provide 17,000 psychological first aid services. Since February 27, at the border between Slovakia and Ukraine. This included 10,800 professional crisis interventions, counseling and interviews. A total of 27 psychologists from citizenship and another 11 psychologists provided their help.

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Photo of the day

The dismantling of the Istropolis culture and conference center near the center of Bratislava continues. Its owner, developer Immocap, Announced that it has obtained a valid permit to remove the building In mid-January.

Today’s feature article

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlighted Slovakia’s reliance on Russia’s natural gas and the need to look for alternative gases. These can be low carbon gases as well as gases from other sources, which in turn accelerates decarbonization.

Read an interview with Richard Kvasňovský, Executive Director of the Slovak Gas Petroleum Association (SPNZ), who talks about the potential of Slovakia to reduce its dependence on Russia, reduce the future of Slovak gas transportation infrastructure and create a gas industry. .. More environmentally friendly.

Dependent Slovakia is looking for an alternative to Russian gas read more

In other news

  • Russia has announced that three Slovak diplomats will be expelled. They now have 72 hours to leave. This is the answer to Slovakia’s previous decision. Expulsion of three Russian diplomats following a spy scandal.. The Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers this step to be groundless and claims that, unlike Russian diplomats, Slovak diplomats adhere to the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and diplomatic customs. ..
  • 2,778 newly diagnosed Covid positives Of the 5,690 PCR tests conducted on March 27. There are 2,206 people in the hospital; When 22 more died Reported on Sunday. The vaccination rate is 51.27%, and 2,819,649 people have been vaccinated for the first time. Click here for other statistics on Covid-19 in Slovakia.
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is most likely to slow Slovakia’s economic growth This year from the originally predicted 3.5% 2.1%According to recent macroeconomic forecasts released by the Monetary Policy Institute (IFP), which operates under the Ministry of Finance. The growth forecast for 2023 remains at 5.3%.
  • Slovak army has installed air defense systemEspecially near the eastern border. At the same time, the Patriot air defense system has already protected the strategic part of central Slovakia, said Slovak military spokesman Stephan Zemanovich.
  • Congress votes for construction law and new court mapsPart of the judicial reform, on Wednesday, March 30.. The adoption of the latter is important for Slovakia to receive money from the first package of the EU Recovery Fund.
  • Joseph Picna Ružena Sabová and Rastislav Stieranka join the panel of specialized criminal courts To deal with a case involving the double murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancé Martina Kuciak, and the planned murder of two then prosecutors and one lawyer.The court also set New date of minutes; Next will be on April 14th..
  • Bratislava Airport offers new flight connections to Croatia’s Zagreb and Turkey’s Sicily and Dalaman. As part of That summer flight scheduleValid from March 27, 2022 to the end of October.


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