News Digest: Smashing a golf ball across the Donau River is not OK, authorities decide

The US First Lady visits Slovakia, Matovich is fined for violating pandemic measures, and the air show returns to Piešťany.

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Instead of a golf ball, German environmentalists swim in the Donau River

Event known as Dunaji Golf Challenge It was scheduled to take place in Bratislava this weekend. It would have involved people trying to hit a golf ball across the Donau River. The organizer, the Slovak Golf Association, has declared the use of ecological and biodegradable balls, but Slovenský Vodohospodársky Podnik (SVP, or Slovak Water Management Company) has decided to cancel the event.

The Zaživérieky (For Living Rivers) Environmental Initiative considers plans to host an event to be rude to rivers and local wildlife, given that hundreds of balls can flow into the river. It compared to the infamous horse polo match held at the frozen Lake Sitrubscape Reso in 2011 in terms of lack of environmental sensitivity.

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Ironically, the golf event was scheduled for May 6-8. This is exactly the same as Professor Andreas Fat of Germany will arrive in Bratislava as part of a 2700 km long swim along the Donau River to highlight the pollution of the river. ..

Refugees from Ukraine

  • Total 3,406 people from Ukraine Entered Slovakia It crossed the border between Slovakia and Ukraine on Thursday, May 5, of which 808 were men, 2,014 were women and 584 were children. The total number of refugees who have arrived in Slovakia since the beginning of the war is about 397,400. Over 74,000 people are seeking temporary protection here.
  • recently, 3,160 refugees from Ukraine Emergency and accident health care is providedOf these, 1,492 were children under the age of 18, reported by the National Institute of Health and Nutrition (NCZI).

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Photo of the day

Early in the morning of Friday, May 6, a shipping accident struck Slovakia on the Donau River, killing several people when the tour boat Viking Aegil collided with a pillar of a railway bridge near Komárno (Nitra region). Minor injury. After the accident, the boat arrived at the dock in the state of Komárno.

Today’s feature article

“If culture remains, the country is alive.” This was the belief that art historian, collector, and patronage Meda Muradkova lived.

This highly educated, knowledgeable and tenacious woman played an important role in the Czechoslovak visual arts scene, despite living abroad for much of her life. She died on May 3, 2022 at the age of 102.

In an interview with Czech public radio station Český Rozhlas, she said she was the happiest in Paris. There she studied art history, met her husband economist Jan Muradek and artist Frantisek Kupka, and she immediately began lobbying.

She turned to art.Slovakia can use at least two like Meda Mládková read more

This week’s anniversary

Slovakia will celebrate the 77th anniversary of the end of World War II on May 8.

In other news

  • First Lady of the United States Jill Biden Meet Slovak President Zuzana Chaptova During my visit to Slovakia on May 8-9, CNN reported..
  • Bratislava Airport warns passenger Those who depart on Saturday evening, May 7th, Sunday morning, May 8th, or around lunch break on Monday, May 9th, and will arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled departure time. Planned visits by First Lady Gilbaiden of the United States mean that additional security measures and restrictions will be implemented at airports and access roads, which can lead to delays.
  • Air festival returns to Piesťany for the first time in two years Caused by a Covid pandemic. It will be held at the city’s airport from Friday, May 6th to Sunday, May 8th, with nightly air shows and an Aeroexpo exhibition of planes.
  • Minister of Finance and leader of the ruling OĽaNO party Igor Matovič Received a fine of € 250 for repeated violations of pandemic measuresAnnounced by the Regional Public Health Service (RÚVZ) in Bratislava.
  • Most stores in Slovakia will close on Sunday, May 8thCelebrate the victory over fascism in World War II, as it is a national holiday.
  • The European Commission has amended its proposal for a European embargo on Russian oil, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic.With Hungary under a fine-tuned proposal Slovakia will be able to purchase Russian oil from its pipeline until the end of 2024.The Czech Republic can continue to buy Russian oil until June 2024, but if it did not previously obtain oil from Southern Europe via the pipeline, Reuters newswire reported citing two sources.

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