News Digest: State Lottery CEO accused by NAKA

The court orders the chairman of the radical party to remove the defamation post. Slovak coach Biathlon returns to Ukraine. See today’s digest for more information.

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good eveningThis is Thursday, June 9th Today in Slovakia -Main news of the day within 5 minutes.

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Articles continue after video ads

Court ruling against Republika members-again

Another day, another court ruled against members of the radical Republika party. The district court in Nitra has ordered party leader Milan Uhrík to remove some of the social media posts over allegations about Slovak prominent scientist PavolČekan and his company.

This is not the first time a member of Republika has received a similar court order. Miloslav Heledosh was ordered by the court to remove a post claiming that Ekan’s company did not pay taxes in Slovakia.

More recently, infectious scholar Peter Sabaka has decided to take legal action against Uhrík and another party member, Milan Mazurek, over the allegations they made against him. Many scientists have been targeted by online hatred groups and those who disseminate false information during pandemics. Click here for details..

Lottery boss restrained by NAKA raid

CEO, Marek Kaňka State Lottery Company TiposIs facing criminal accusations after being detained as part of a national special operation by the National Criminal Police (NAKA). The company confirmed that Kaňka was accused of economic and property crimes. Kashka filed a complaint protesting that he did not understand the charges against him.

After NAKA’s operations, another 24 people and 6 companies have been prosecuted.

Police have not disclosed details of the activity, but according to the news site, the activity is related to fuel business, tax evasion and money laundering. Marek Kaňka is the owner of the Oliva gas station..

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Refugees from Ukraine

  • On June 8, 1,481 women, 698 men and 400 children crossed the border between Slovakia and Ukraine. About 496,000 refugees have arrived in Slovakia since the beginning of the war, with more than 80,000 seeking temporary protection.
  • New episodes of the Slovak For U podcast for Ukrainians will be published every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on all podcast platforms., SlovakforU YouTube channel and again On the web.. Slovak exercises and transcripts, as well as translations into Ukrainian and Russian are available. Podcasts are available free of charge. In the future, interviews with Ukrainians living in Slovakia are planned.
  • Ukrainian children can attend various summer schools. This applies not only to children attending schools in Slovakia, but also to children studying online in Ukraine.

Photo of the day

The “Beauty of Natural Colors” exhibition introduces various relationships and connections between living nature and inanimate nature.

Visitors to the Tribetch Museum in Toporyuchani can see the different colors, shapes and structures of creatures, minerals and crystals exhibited from around the world. Each of these has importance and location in the world.

Featured article of the day

After waiting for weeks, Juraj Sanitra, the Slovak coach of the Ukrainian men’s biathlon team since 2016, said: first time Since the war began in late February.

“Ukraine must show its strength to the outside world at the international level. Biathlon has always been a sport that has always brought Ukraine into the limelight,” said a Slovak coach. However, some athletes are currently in the military.

“I couldn’t give up the six years of work with the boys and the team,” he added.

Ukraine must show how strong it is, says the Slovak coach of their national team. read more

In other news

  • Occasional heavy storms are expected to occur in the coming hours and at night, not just on Friday, June 10.The Slovak Institute of Hydrometeorological Research said on social media.
  • Summer pools such as Tehernepole, Rosnichika, Delphin, Krasani, Racha, Ramachi, Matadorka and Zlattepiesky Lake will open on Saturday, June 11th. More details will be provided in the next few days. Ekoiuventa’s swimming pool, more commonly known as Michulin, will open on July 1st.
  • From June 13th, there will be a further exemption from the rules regarding where you must wear a respiratory system. These apply to childcare facility employees up to the age of 3 and employees with working conditions who cannot wear a respirator.
  • The Ministry of Education said that all elementary schools, special elementary schools, special education facilities and joint schools can organize summer schools. During vacation from July 11th to August 26th. The education cycle runs for two weeks and the school can run multiple in parallel.
  • City police can gain new powerIncludes, performing work in civilian clothing, and greater detention power. City police and municipalities may also be able to use static speed radar. The proposed bill is currently being discussed by various authorities and bodies.
  • Police in the city of Prievidza are investigating several cases of jewelery theft, primarily by girls under the age of 12.Take a picture of yourself with the stolen item and post it on social media. Items include bracelets, earrings, rings and sunglasses. Police believe the theft is part of a social media challenge.
  • Last year, 220 drugs were discontinued in the Slovak market, primarily for commercial reasons. Discontinuation of drug supply was registered 751 times. The most common reasons cited for this were lack of capacity, quality defects, logistical reasons, or delays in the delivery of materials or active substances from suppliers.

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