News Digest: Two Bratislava Shootings in Two Weeks

Edible packaging, heat warnings, and items not to be taken home from overseas holidays.

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good evening Monday, July 18 Today in Slovakia Within 5 minutes you will be ready for the main news of the day.

One-pot packaging and noodles

You are ready to bring home a lot of goods from a nearby grocery store and cook dinner. Unpack the meat and slice the package into noodles.

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Slovak Scientist Miroslava Kačániová Students from the Slovak Agricultural University of Nitra are working with fellow scientists in Minsk, Belarus to develop this package. Their goal is to create new materials based on starch, edible polymers and plant additives.

Packages made of this material must not only be biodegradable, but also maintain the life of the meat.

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Monday featured article

Communists banned movies for “ugly” people

In 1972, Dusan Hanak said, “Old world photo“, A documentary he wrote and directed.

The story of the old, lonely and poor people who lived in the northern Slovak countryside under communism, rather than actors, was told through black-and-white photographs, film shots and interviews with Slovak photographer Martin Martinček. ..

Communists didn’t like this movie and banned it for almost 20 years.

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In other news:

  • The List of municipalities with at least 15 percent Slovak minority The population will increase from 638 to 763 municipalities, who therefore have the right to use minority languages ​​in formal communication.
  • In Brussels Investment Minister Veronika Remišová (ZaĽudí) has signed approval for a new partnership agreement, This will determine how European funds will be used in Slovakia during the new program period. Approximately € 13 billion will be spent supporting green and climate goals, science or education.
  • President Zuzana Chaptova has evaluated 10 applications so far Citizens who have shown an interest in serving the Ukrainian army. She gave permission in four cases.
  • A passport valid for at least 150 days is required to enter Turkey.Said the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok (SaS Nominee) goes to Hungary Mutually agreed rules from 2004 to provide educational and cultural support.. Therefore, Hungary needs to fund the education of Hungarians in Slovakia through institutions rather than supporting individuals. (TASR)
  • Ministry of Labor opened 12 on Monday New free debt Counseling center..
  • The state is looking for companies interested in participating in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Companies can fill out a questionnaire about this Link..

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