News Digest: Volunteers Shape Slovakia

The man confesses the murder of a Ukrainian student in Bratislava. Chatham Sofa Memorial opened 20 years ago. And reptiles 110 million years ago.

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good eveningThis is the June 10th (Friday) version Today in Slovakia – The main news of the day is within 5 minutes.

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Volunteers will help you again

Thousands of people have decided to clean up many parts of Slovakia and spend their time helping those in need at the Pontis Foundation-sponsored Nashemest (our town) event.

The largest corporate volunteer event in Central Europe kicks off on Friday, June 10th Run for a week.. “Našemesto is an ideal gateway to the world of volunteering,” explained Michal Kišša of the Pontis Foundation. Approximately 9,000 volunteers participate in this event in 48 towns in Slovakia.

They help at schools and community centers and clean forests, rivers, parks and castles. Thanks to the volunteers, a total of 19 castles and monuments will be brushed up, including Devin Castle, Frachovsky Castle and Zobol Monastery.

Bratislava will have about 300 activities during this year’s event, most of which will take place on June 10th today. Volunteers cooked for homeless people and set up a summer reading area at Medical Garden Park. Some activities.

“The most popular activity is cleaning the Little Donau River. Volunteers sail from Vluxa to Zareji and collect waste from the water,” said the Foundation.

Next Friday, volunteers will help the Bratislava Zoo by repainting the fences of gibbons, macaques and antelopes.

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Death of Ukrainian student in Bratislava

A week after the death of a Ukrainian college student in a Bratislava dormitory, Police charged one of her friends with murder..

21-year-old Maria was found dead in a room in the Muradagarda dormitory in Bratislava on Friday, June 3. She was studying at the Slovak University of Technology.

The suspect was a Ukrainian student named Volodymyr by police and was the first to report Maria’s death. He has now confessed to killing her, but his motives are unclear.

In other news:

  • Opposition Smar has officially launched a petition to collect signatures to incite a referendum. Smer requires 350,000 signatures. If they were collected, the party would call President Zuzana Chaptova for a referendum on the dissolution of the current administration and changes to the constitution. Smer hopes that the referendum will take place on October 29, 2022, the same day as the local elections.
  • Trstená police officers in northern Slovakia saved lives Small doe..
  • Over 90 Slovenian soldiers have joined the international combat group Under Czech command at the Lešť Military Training Center in central Slovakia.
  • Coronavirus conditions can worsen in the fallAccording to infectious disease expert Peter Sabaka. However, he does not expect the hospital’s care system to collapse or adopt strict measures. (TASR)

Friday feature article

Slovak paleontologists name reptiles after important historical figures

Amber is like a window to the prehistoric world. The small animals trapped there eventually freeze. The state within the substance sometimes allows for the exquisite preservation of living things, giving a glimpse of the distant past.

This was the case of a recent rare discovery of Mesozoic reptiles. “The preservation of the perfect skin with individual scales and eyelids, and thus the perfect appearance, is like a science fiction,” said AndrejČerňanský, a Slovak paleontologist at the Department of Natural Sciences, University of Comenius, Bratislava. Interviews with Slovak audiences..

“We’re talking about reptiles 110 million years ago!”

Good news before going:

  • screen: Jewish Community Museum housed in Bratislava synagogueHas launched a new exhibition of photographs recording the story of Chatham Sofa Memorial, Opened 20 years ago. The monument is one of the most important Jewish archaeological sites in Europe.
  • Run: Saturday, June 11th, traditional Záhorácky marathon It will be held in Seneca, western Slovakia. You will also be able to register to run on the day in front of the city’s pool on Tovalenska Street in Seneca.
  • market: Local open-air market In Tornava, it was held on Friday, June 10th in a new location for the first time in decades. Trojičnéná mestie, the central square of the city. The market was previously located near the ice hockey stadium outside the city center. The market is open every Friday and Saturday until 11:00.

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