Newspaper content: Friday front page

Soaring utility bills and inflated Leaving Cert scores make the front pages of Friday’s newspapers.

Electric Ireland’s latest price increase is Irish Times, Irish Examiner, irish daily mail When echo.

Highlighting comments made by Finance Minister Pascal Donohoe, The Times said measures to mitigate costs would be implemented immediately after the budget.

of ireland independence reports that Leaving Cert students will face stiff competition for college places next week after strong third-year results.

GAA officials launched an investigation after a referee was assaulted at a football game for minors. irish daily star report.

Irish news When Belfast Telegraph Both cover the Greenvale Hotel tragedy after it was announced that two men would be charged in the 2019 incident that killed three teenagers outside a St. Patrick’s Day discotheque. .

The UK front page features a new report on Partygate and different views on how to solve the energy crisis.

of daily mail and the daily express The Partygate investigation is reportedly leading the findings of Lord Panic, who states that it “endangers democracy.”

According to the UK health service vacancies have reached a “staggering” record high. Independentin the meantime daily telegraph General practitioners report being given “record pay raises” during the pandemic.

of Me Advice from energy companies on how to deal with rising bills reportedly cost “tens of billions” in taxpayer money.

Gun crime is on the rise in two-thirds of police, according to the report. Guardian.

Sun Officials in Whitehall have reported using the British Prime Minister’s official jet for “a £50,000 binge over the UK”.

CCTV footage of the man who allegedly shot 9-year-old Olivia Pratt Corbell daily mirror.

Metro The death of British broadcaster and journalist Bill Turnbull.

Vladimir Putin has extended his war score in Ukraine. financial times.

and the daily star “Genius Bozo” says he solved the energy crisis. Newspaper content: Friday front page

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