Newspaper content: Saturday front page

Articles on budget discussions and refugee accommodation continue to make front pages across the country.

Irish Times The Tax Welfare Commission reports that the government has recommended increasing property taxes on villas in the next budget and expanding the tax amount “by imposing property taxes on non-residential properties.”

The paper also reports on a large-scale drug seizure carried out by Gardai under Operation Tara earlier this week. 120 kg of cocaine seized At Co Westmeath.

of Irish Examiner “Only two weeks to re-detain 3,500 Ukrainian refugees.” This is because the student dormitories currently used to house those fleeing the war in Ukraine will have to be vacated ahead of the next academic year.

echo Meanwhile, Cork County’s TD has reportedly raised concerns over increasing class sizes after new figures from the Ministry of Education revealed Cork County has over 200 classes with over 30 students. doing.

of ireland independence Carrying the image of Tipperary Haller Dillon Quark died tragically I collapsed while playing a club match at Semple Stadium on Friday night.

The newspaper also reports that the government is asking villa owners to contribute their properties to house people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

In the UK, Saturday’s newspapers feature more reactions to the forecast of a recession in the UK and the continued impact between the US and China.

of Me The Prime Minister and prime minister of the UK say they are ‘missing as the UK is in recession’ Independent report concerns that recession forecasts are too “optimistic”.

of FT Weekend Leading a pitch for tax cuts instead of Liz Truss’ handouts in a Tory leadership contest.

China’s decision to suspend negotiations with the United States on issues such as climate change following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan Guardian.

Times Six in 10 A&E patients are reported to see a doctor within four hours this winter, yet cyberattacks on the NHS daily telegraph.

Britain’s water problem is one-sided. daily mirrorwhile orders lead to turn off Archie Battersby’s life support, daily express.

of daily mail It is leading a crackdown on cyclists proposed by UK Transport Secretary Grant Shaps.

and the daily stars Front page features the revelation that a scientist “foodwinked Twitter” with an image of chorizo ​​instead of a photo of the newly discovered planet. Newspaper content: Saturday front page

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