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On Thursday’s front page, world leaders condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat of nuclear war, and the trial for the murder of Limerick businessman Jason Corbett in the United States is scheduled for next June, prompting homeowners to faces rising interest rates.

of Irish Times The minister has warned that the state’s pension pot will suffer a “widening deficit” in the coming years, despite a surplus of billions of euros expected this year. Meanwhile, the West has sharply criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin after he called in reserve forces to fight in Ukraine and threatened to use nuclear weapons.

of Irish Examiner reports that farmers will be included in a new energy assistance scheme for all businesses to be announced on Budget Day. Molly and Thomas Martens will go on trial next June for the murder of Limerick businessman Jason Corbett, a US judge said.Two young children killed in car fire in Westmeath police have arrested a woman for questioning.

on the front page of ireland independence, thousands of homeowners face a wave of rising interest rates. This is because banks are too busy to process mortgage conversion applications too late. Only a small percentage of people who have installed Smart-his meters in their homes are using them as intended.

echo reports that 70 new jobs will be created in Carrig2Hill as biopharmaceutical company AbbVie announces a €60 million investment in its Cork manufacturing site. Taoiseach Micheál Martin said he was “very, very concerned” about yesterday’s speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

on the front page of irish daily starA woman was being questioned over the death of two children who died in a car fire in County Westmeath.

In the UK, widespread condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s latest nuclear threat has been featured across the country’s newspapers.

daily telegraph When daily mail With Liz Truss’ reaction to a Russian president threatening nuclear war amid a conflict in Ukraine, the prime minister vowed to defeat a ‘desperate’ Mr Putin.

in the meantime, Times, Guardian When Independent US President Joe Biden has called Putin’s threat “reckless” and warned that nuclear war “cannot be won and must never be fought.”

of financial times Putin’s nuclear warnings were said to have come in parallel with the mobilization of army reservists to support Russia’s “sick” operations in Ukraine.

The move sparked mass protests across Russia, according to Metro.

Sun Russia reports that it has released five Britons held captive in Ukraine.

Elsewhere, Me It warns about Ms. Truss’s “gambling” on tax cuts.

Health Secretary Therese Coffey has promised that all patients will receive a GP appointment within two weeks. daily express.

of daily mirror Police have issued a record £200,000 reward to help catch the killer of Olivia Pratt-Corbell.

and the daily star The late Duke of Edinburgh says he had a secret stash of UFO documents. Newspaper content: Thursday front page

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