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NGT urges authorities to investigate littering on South Delhi Road

New Delhi: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) will investigate the dumping of sewage carried by unauthorized vehicles on public roads in various parts of southern Delhi, including the Delhi Environment Agency, and will hold joint meetings with stakeholders on this issue. I instructed. Steps including scientific disposal of sewage.

The NGT Bench, led by Judge (retd) Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel, violates the Water (Pollution Prevention and Control) Act of 1974 and disposing of such waste untreated is a criminal offense and the public. The environment has a serious negative impact on public health.

In addition, he instructed the Secretary of the Department of Urban Development and the Environment to discuss with the Municipal Enterprises and the Delijal Commission to determine the course of action for complaints that specify the location of the Chandan Hola Main Road Bus Stand near Priya on Gadaipur Band Road. did. DLF, and Vasant Kunj Farm House.

Bench also pointed out a similar complaint in Sangam Vihar, and in an order of January 7, this year, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, the Delhi Jar Committee and the Joint Committee of SDM South reported on the measures taken by Saket. The problem stated that you were instructed to submit.

The DPCC filed a report on August 17 that took steps to find no waste disposal at the site in question.

DJB has licensed 208 entities to dispose of waste from six designated disposal sites in the region. However, Bench said in his response that authorities did not show how waste was disposed of after collection by a licensed entity.

It is not clear whether the total amount of collected waste has been transported to the designated disposal site, the final destination and the disposal method.

The NGT is on Wednesday’s order to ensure that fecal material is delivered to pre-specified fecal sludge sewage treatment facilities until the households involved make the necessary connections and connect to the sewer. Said there is.

Since such incidents may occur in various places, it is necessary to cooperate with the relevant municipalities and local police to verify by DJB and DPCC. It said the report may be submitted within a month.

The court listed the issue on February 10, 2022 for further consideration.

https://www.siasat.com/ngt-asks-authorities-to-look-into-sewage-dumping-on-south-delhi-roads-2246885/ NGT urges authorities to investigate littering on South Delhi Road

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