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NHL postpones three more games and allows taxi teams in Covid Spike

The National Hockey League will allow the team to use taxi corps to strengthen their roster in the case of the resurrected Covid-19, the league and its players association said on Sunday. ..

The NHL has announced a postponement of three more games over Covid’s concerns, with the match scheduled to resume on Tuesday after the vacation has been extended.

“The league and NHLPA will continue to monitor test results and team play readiness over the next few days and weeks,” the two groups said in a statement, with “various factors” in assessing the need for the game. He added that it would be considered. It will be postponed.

This includes the number of players not available for Covid, the risk of further infection within the team, and club access to players from minor league affiliates.

The league said that the health and safety of players and club staff remains a “top priority”.

The club was told that it could start forming a taxi squad on Sunday and set up a reserve squad of six people ready to call quickly if needed.

Such teams were used last season in response to the pandemic’s impact on the league.

Players rented to the taxi team are allowed to travel and practice at the NHL Club, but can only play NHL games if they are recalled and placed on the active roster.

The league and union also agreed that if a Covid-related absence leaves them without a complete lineup of players, the club will be allowed to make an emergency recall of the player from the minor league.

So far, the NHL has postponed 67 games this season.

Also this week, the league and union have agreed not to release players from the February Beijing Winter Olympics over a pandemic.

The three weeks that the league was suspended due to the tournament could be used to make up for missed contests.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706956/NHL-postpones-3-more-games-allows-taxi-squads-amid NHL postpones three more games and allows taxi teams in Covid Spike

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