NHS faces ‘sprint’ to tackle flu threat, new COVID wave and cost of living crisis, health ministry warns–cost-of-living-crisis-health-sec-warns-1099368260.html


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Some 24,000 people were forced to wait more than 12 hours in UK emergency departments in April after A&E wait times and ambulance delays reached record highs. at the admission rate ”.

Britain’s recently appointed Health Secretary Steve Barkley warned that it faced “very serious challenges”. National Health Service (NHS) in an interview with The Telegraph.
The looming triple threat of seasonal flu, another possible wave of COVID-19, and Cost of living Squeeze, Barclay says his department needs to make quick decisions without waiting for new prime minister take over From Boris Johnson.

Since Johnson announced his resignation, a Tory leadership contest for his replacement has pitted foreign minister Liz Truss against former prime minister Rishi Snack. Truss is now considered the frontrunner to walk through the doors of 10 Downing Street after being elected on September 5th.

Berkeley stressed that it is one of the pending decisions that it cannot delay hiring staff from abroad as civil servants anticipate long wait times in hospitals this winter.

Due to the projected increase in demand for NHS staff, the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department is expected to see around 6 in 10 patients within 4 hours.

“We have very real challenges in the fall and winter. As far as I’m concerned, we need a real sprint within Whitehall and especially within the Ministry of Health to get us ready for September. ”

Preparations for a “reasonable worst-case scenario,” according to the health secretary, were essential.

“Of course, those pressures can come in many forms. We may have a bad flu, or we may have a higher rate of Covid than we expected or hoped for. There is an urgent need to prepare, especially in regions with long lead times, decisions must be made now rather than waiting until the fall, by which these lead times will be too late to resolve ‘ emphasized Barclay.

Need to “make decisions quickly”

Stephen Berkley has vowed to ensure Whitehall “makes decisions faster” and has advised NHS bosses to prepare for looming pressures this winter, including the influx of patients into health services. promised to “test the political risk appetite” among

As part of this approach, the health secretary has ordered civil servants to “pace and work” on proposals to “substantially increase” the recruitment of staff overseas. This could bring thousands more health workers to the UK, hiring nurses from countries such as India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. For that to work, Berkeley added that it could bring in foreign workers who have nursing qualifications but probably don’t speak English well enough to be employed by NHS hospitals.

Currently, the language requirements for working in care homes set by medical institutions are lower than those determined by the government.

According to government statistics, there is a severe staff shortage plaguing the social care sector, with an estimated 105,000 vacancies needing to be filled. This has had ripple effects in hospitals, causing delays in discharging patients from wards to free up beds, Berkley said.

“We don’t want people to be late on the ward, and that’s a bad outcome,” Berkley said.

As part of tackling this issue, the UK government has increased the cap on medical visas. The data therefore show that 75,963 such visas were granted in the 12 months to March, compared to 14,016 in 2021. India is named as the largest supplier of labor to the UK’s healthcare sector (32,476), followed by Nigeria (11,102). Philippines (9,510).

A man wearing a coronavirus mask walks past an NHS advertisement about COVID-19 in London on Tuesday, 2 February 2021. - Sputnik International, 1920, 26.07.2022

Patient safety at risk: UK needs a complete government overhaul to heal NHS wounds, academics say

Amid citing concerns about overwhelmed social services, the chairman of the NHS Confederation, Sir Victor Adeboire, said the winter crisis will continue unless “immediate action” is taken to address the labor shortage. I warned you it was inevitable.–cost-of-living-crisis-health-sec-warns-1099368260.html NHS faces ‘sprint’ to tackle flu threat, new COVID wave and cost of living crisis, health ministry warns

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