Nicholas Camilleri’s Death: Preventable Tragedy, System Failure – Richmond Foundation

Nicholas Camilleri died because he couldn’t hear his family and the system failed him, the Richmond Foundation said Thursday.

Camilleri was found dead earlier this week, a few days after he went missing.

His family told Malta Independent that Camilleri, who had been fighting schizophrenia for almost 20 years, got worse after unknowingly stopped taking the drug.

“The man died. He died because the system failed him. He was a vulnerable member of our society. He died because he and his family could not be heard. He died because those who loved him were not allowed to get the answers they were looking for and contribute to their view of the situation. ” “He died because he had another incident, another number, another statistic.”

“This is a pandemic that no one talks about. There is a constant need for help as people’s mental health is declining due to too many stressful living conditions. Still, there is a significant shortage of funds in this sector. That said, they don’t even start explaining how serious the situation is when people are having the hardest time in decades. “

The Foundation was founded in a small, unmarked house in a residential area, not a facility, with the right support and advocacy to speak out and give people dignity, respect, understanding, and a decent life in the community. Said. “We support people throughout their life journey to prevent this from happening, as no one loses their lives because of the burden of mental illness.”

“Nicholas, sorry for the system failing you and your family failing. Richmond continues to fight this kind of injustice, just as we’ve been doing for nearly 30 years. We suffer. We will continue to fight for mental health services that value life and know who people are, not just their illnesses. We want to stay in a position to prevent other meaningless deaths. . To support people when things look dark. “

Richmond said the country needs to recognize and pay attention to how important mental health is. People need to find the right services to support themselves and their families when they are suffering.

“The man has died. Mr. Nicholas, rest assured. We will not rest to prevent this from happening again.”

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