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Nigerian airstrikes “accidentally” kill Niger’s children

Nigerian troops reportedly missed the target and attacked the village of Maradi in Niger, killing seven children and injuring five.

Four children died instantly, and the other three died because they were “injured while being taken to the hospital.” (Reuters Archive)

In the Maradi region of southern Nigeria, airstrikes by Nigerian troops targeting “bandits” killed seven children and injured five “accidentally.”

“There was a mistake in the Nigerian strike at the border, causing casualties on our territory in the village of Nachade,” Governor Chaibu Abu Bakar of the Maradi region said on Sunday.

“The victims were 12 children, 7 of whom were killed and 5 were injured.” 4 children died instantly and the other 3 were “while being taken to the hospital.” I was injured. “

According to the governor, “during the strike, my parents attended the ceremony and the children were probably playing.”

He believes the plane was targeting “armed bandits” in the border area, but instead “missed their target” to attack Nachade.

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Relentless attack

Several municipalities in the Maradi region have been severely affected by the violence of heavily armed gangsters from neighboring Katsina, Sokoto and Zamfara’s Nigerian states.

In 2018, Niger’s capital, Niamey, stepped up military patrols along its border with Nigeria to prevent the invasion of these gangsters.

Gangsters are known to carry out assassinations, kidnappings for ransom, attacks on merchants, attacks on cattle, and then take them to Nigeria.

In April 2021, the International Crisis Group (ICG) feared that a third militant center could emerge in this part of Maradi, taking advantage of Nigerian gangster behavior and conflicts between communities. Said that.

Niger is already facing two battle fronts. Opposition branches of West African Nigerian groups Boko Haram and Daesh are active in the southeast, while groups belonging to Daesh and Al Qaeda are active in the west.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are 100,000 Nigerian refugees in Maradi, who have escaped a relentless attack in their own country.

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