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NJ is looking for a new wind laboratory for offshore wind

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No, it’s not the band’s clarinet and saxophone section. The New Jersey Department of Economic Development (EDA) released an RFP (Request for Proposal) on January 7, qualifying to conduct a feasibility study of a major world-class offshore wind research and development (R & D) test facility. We are looking for an entity. The agency’s strategy to accelerate innovation in the offshore wind industry. ”The EDA lists three proposed research institute goals.

  • Establish NJ as a leader in research and innovation in offshore wind technology.
  • Leverage the state’s upcoming large-scale wind energy investment. When,
  • Launch “A robust ecosystem of offshore wind-related innovation activities”.

EDA wants a wind R & D facility comparable to Bell Labs, DOE’s Princeton Plasma Physics Labs, and FAA’s Colliel Medical Labs in Camden, the world’s largest stem cell bank.

The Wind Institute complements NJ’s ongoing wind energy initiative. Recent significant investments in the state include the development of the New Jersey Wind Harbor, the construction of a state-of-the-art monopile manufacturing facility at Paulsboro Port, and the issuance of grants to support the development of targeted labor development programs. It will be. ..

The RFP List three major “deliverables”.

Task 1. Background reviews of existing offshore wind research and innovation facilities, market analysis to assess potential gaps and currently unmet needs, and New Jersey’s competitive advantage in addressing one or more of these gaps. Evaluation of sex.

Task 2. Recommendations of at least 3 to up to 5 strategies for New Jersey to pursue with feasibility analysis.

Task 3. Creating an implementation plan to pursue some or all of the recommendations identified in Task 2 above. Task 3 is optional and subject to additional permission decisions.

Proposals from interested companies are due by February 23rd.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493833-nj-seeks-new-wind-institute-for-offshore-wind-research NJ is looking for a new wind laboratory for offshore wind

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