No Fear of New Debt Crisis, Italy’s Low Interest Rates – Legling

(ANSA) – ROME, 4 October – European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Managing Director Klaus Regling said on Tuesday he is not afraid of a new eurozone debt crisis reigniting, questioning whether Italy will stay in the eurozone. He added that he never had any doubts. .
“I’m not afraid of another debt crisis,” Legling said at a surrender press conference nearing the end of his term at the head of the ESM.
“At the moment, a (heavily indebted) country like Italy has its public debt interest burden at the lowest level of its budget in 30 years.
“I never thought Italy would leave the euro. Why should it?” I strongly support it.” It never happened and for good reason.
“If you look at the numbers, the countries that needed ESM had major macroeconomic imbalances that did not exist in Italy.”

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