“No Guarantee” for Successful Maternity Hospital Purchases – Donnelly

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said the government received legal advice that there is no guarantee that a forced order (CPO) of land designated for the new National Maternity Hospital site will succeed.

Donnelly, who told reporters in Dublin, said he had received “clear” advice from the Attorney General that “there is no guarantee that the CPO will succeed.”

“We need to show that we need to own the land. Imagine that St. Vincent, or in fact the court, would say,” You will own the land for the next 300 years. “

“Therefore, there is no guarantee that it will succeed.”

Donnelly also said that the plan to place the National Maternity Hospital (NMH) on the site of St. Vincent in Dublin in the same location means a “partnership,” which could be complicated or abandoned due to legal proceedings. Said there was sex. Forcibly buy land.

The Minister spoke after attending an event in Dublin to commemorate International Day of the Midwifery.

Mary Brosnan, director of midwifery and nursing at NMH, told reporters that she wanted to reassure the public that she had never seen services restricted by religious influences during her career.

Ms. Brosnan emphasized the importance of the new maternity hospital facility. The hospital includes 120 single rooms and a corridor connecting NMH to St. Vincent’s acute care services.

“This is a discussion that doesn’t have to continue,” Brosnan said.

“It is not bound by religious influence.

“I think it’s a wrong argument.”

Overview of St. Vincentz University Hospital, South Dublin (Neil Carson, Pennsylvania)

Dr. Cliona Murphy, clinical leader of HSE’s National Women and Infants Health Program, said clinicians “do not drop the ball” when NMH moves to Vincent.

“From a clinical and national point of view, this must happen.

“40% of clinicians working at Holles Street also work at Vincent, so we have a clinical connection and need to build it. It’s the physical infrastructure that underpins this.”

“People have asked us to own a hospital,” Donnelly said.

“We own a hospital.

“People have sought clinical independence and would have clinical independence.

“All of these very relevant requirements have been met and are going further.

“We basically plan to own the land for the next 300 years, and if we need to discuss the land 300 years later, we can own the land.

“There is no connection between the land and what is happening in the hospital.

“GP practices are not built on state-owned land. No one has ever suggested that you need to own land where Holes Street is built, Coombe is built, or Rotunda is built. It is not.”

Donnelly added that of the 19 maternity hospitals or units nationwide, 11 offer abortion services and eight do not.

“The eight obstetric facilities that do not provide complete abortion services are HSE hospitals, not voluntary hospitals,” said Donnelly.

“In fact, it was the voluntary hospital that actually led this.”

In a speech at Dail today, Green Party leader and Minister of Transport Eamon Ryan said the need to build a national maternity hospital.

“In my opinion, further delays are not the right choice.” “No Guarantee” for Successful Maternity Hospital Purchases – Donnelly

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