No intention to be involved in a car accident in Helsinki on Saturday

board member The Helsinki police station found no evidence of the intention of a car accident in downtown Helsinki on Saturday, injuring three people and damaging several cars.

The 33-year-old man who drove the car is not believed to have planned action in advance, was motivated by ideological beliefs, or intentionally attempted to get into a pedestrian or other vehicle.

“There was no sign that the man was willing to overrun a person.” Lasse Lager BaumeDetective Inspector Morse in charge of pretrial investigation of Helsinki Police Station, Said To YLE on Tuesday. “I understand the reason for the incident to some extent, but the investigation is still in its infancy.”

However, investigators determined that the car had one passenger. According to Lagerbohm, both drivers and passengers, women of unknown age, were tentatively interviewed by police.

Police also confirmed the security camera footage of the incident.

Drivers are tentatively suspected of causing serious traffic accidents, inadvertent personal injuries, resistance to civil servants, and contumacy to police. Investigators are also investigating the possibility that the man was drunk based on his attitude at the time of his arrest. Video footage circulating on social media shows a man yelling when he is being arrested by police.

The results of a blood test given to him in the aftermath of the incident are expected by Saturday.

The Treasury has confirmed that the car driven by the suspect is owned by one of its staff. Neither the ministry nor the police said at the time of the incident whether the car owner was driving, but police reported that the car was not stolen.

Officials were unsuccessful in the county elections held earlier this year on Finns tickets.

The suspect was taken directly from the scene of the incident to the hospital and has never been detained by police. Police refused to comment on whether he was discharged.

The pre-trial investigation will continue with a photo and video footage investigation of the case and interviews with witnesses and stakeholders. “We know about 30 people we have to interview,” Lagerbohm told YLE.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT No intention to be involved in a car accident in Helsinki on Saturday

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