No more hassle of connecting: EU agrees on a single mobile charging port

After EU countries and lawmakers agreed on Tuesday (June 7th) for the world’s first single mobile charging port for mobile phones, tablets and cameras, connecting mobile phones consumes millions of Europeans. It can quickly become less of a hassle for a person.

This change, which allows only USB-C connectors, is set to have a significant impact on Apple and will require changing the connectors on iPhones sold in Europe by 2024.

Political intervention, which the European Commission said would make consumers’ lives easier and save money, came after companies were unable to reach a common solution.

Brussels has been promoting a single mobile charging port for over a decade after receiving complaints from iPhone and Android users that they need to switch their device to a different charger.

The iPhone charges from a Lightning cable, but modern Android-based devices use a USB-C connector.

According to a 2019 Commission survey, half of the chargers sold on mobile phones in 2018 have a USB micro-B connector, 29% have a USB-C connector, and 21% have a Lightning connector. had.

Laptops must comply with the law within 40 months of enforcement. EU executives will have the power to harmonize wireless charging systems in the future.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment, warning that the proposal would undermine innovation and create a pile of e-waste.

(Reuters) No more hassle of connecting: EU agrees on a single mobile charging port

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