No more required coronavirus tests at Berlin day care centers –

The corona test obligation at the Berlin Day Care Center will be withdrawn on May 8, 2022.

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It was announced by the Senate Ministry of Education on Thursday (April 28, 2022) and refers to the current decline in infections. In the future, testing will be done as needed. This is especially true if there is a case of coronavirus at a day care center or if a person comes into contact with an infected person. Berlin said it would provide day care providers with quality-guaranteed nasal examinations for this purpose.

Even now, several tests a week

Currently, nursery children and employees still have to be tested several times a week. Children over the age of 1 who have not been vaccinated or recovered should be tested three times a week. Employees who have not been vaccinated or recovered must undergo daily testing.

Senate Ministry of Education appeals to parents

In a letter to parents, the education administration, like any other illness, points out that children with Covid symptoms should generally not go to a day care center. Still, for example, if a parent wants to do so despite the slightest symptoms of a child’s cold, the nursery should be provided with a written confirmation of the negative test or the test should be done on-site.

School procedures that have not been decided yet

The Senate Ministry of Education hopes to determine further procedures for schools in Berlin next week after interacting with the Health Advisory Board, parental representatives, and school owners. “We are still voting,” said Astrid Sabine Busse (SPD), an education senator on the relevant committee of the House of Representatives. The State Parents’ Committee will meet on Friday, and the Health Advisory Board will meet next week.

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Issued: April 28, 2022

Last updated: April 28, 2022

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