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No need to establish additional international airports

Kuwait City Director General Eng Ahmed Al-Manfouhi said a separate international airport is not needed under Kuwait State’s Fourth Structural Plan.

Eng Al-Manfouhi said in the letter that all information related to the construction of future new airports in the north of the country has been finalized with the approval of the city council, following the development and modernization of the third structural plan. Stated. According to Kuwait’s secretary of state, an analysis of the airport’s previous policies indicated the need to build a second international airport.

However, the state’s master plan considered it prescient to continue to serve such an airport. It added that it was decided in the second review and the third structural plan, Kuwait State Plan in 1997.

In 2005, alternative locations for the airport were proposed north of the Kuwait Gulf, west of Subbiya and east of the Sabriya field. Al-Manfouhi explained that the site will initially allow the airport to be better connected to the new port on Bouvian Island, facilitate import and export operations, provide facilities for the port and serve the northern half. It was proposed for Minimize noise pollution and create employment opportunities in Kuwait.

The 2005 structural plan update confirmed the need to consider the proposals in more detail. In particular, the need for his second international airport within Kuwait is due to its relatively small size and choice of site itself.

Al-Manfouhi said the expansion of the current airport is enough to serve single passengers, so Kuwait’s fourth construction plan shows there is no need to build an additional airport. emphasized that work is underway to adopt the Handled by 50 million passengers annually, the expansion has resulted in increased air freight traffic, with Salmiya, Kuwait City, the airport building and the 6th and 7th ring roads.

He clarified that, based on the city council’s decision, coordination is being held with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation regarding the matters stated in the decision, and that it is possible to take necessary measures. I didn’t specify the location.

The City Council’s Decision on Allocating Sites in the North of the Country for the Construction of New Airports, issued on 10 January 2022, details the exact location of the construction of the new airport, its area, and the entity under which it will be constructed. Not specified. supervise it, or additional information.

It is worth noting that the text of the City Council’s decision was issued as follows: This proposal is in line with the research and proposals of Kuwait State’s Fourth Structural Plan. ”

Al-Qabas requested that the local government send a letter to the DGCA on June 21, 2022 regarding the construction of the new airport in the northern region, and provide information on the local council’s decision so that the local government can complete the necessary procedures. I know you asked for suitable system.

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