No NTMI service on Fridays and Saturdays

Colombo (News First); According to the National Institute of Transport and Medical Sciences, there will be no service every Friday and Saturday from today (1) and tomorrow (2).

The NTMI said in a statement that a decision was made due to the country’s crisis.

The National Institute of Transportation Medical Research has also made it publicly known that reservations can be made by calling 225 from any mobile number and 1225 from any fixed land number on any day except Friday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, the issuance of income licenses for registered vehicles in Western States will be limited to three days from next Monday until further notice.

Therefore, this service is only available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The Principal Secretary of the West, JMC Jayanthi Wijetunga, said these measures were taken due to the current fuel crisis.

It has also been decided not to impose a fine on Western vehicle income licenses that will expire on June 29th.

The Secretary of State also announced that he could obtain a vehicle income license for vehicles registered in Western State through an online system.

the latest news No NTMI service on Fridays and Saturdays

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