No prisoners were used in the attack on the protesters on May 9 – Island

AG, CJ called on lawyers to take action for causing violence

The Sri Lankan Human Rights Commission (HRCSL) misunderstood that some prisoners were used to attack rebels outside the Temple Tree by Senna Caperella, a lawyer for the Commission on Human Rights (CPRP). Declared a claim. And at Galle Face on May 9, violence was triggered in many parts of the country.

HRCSL also accused Sudesh Nadimal Silva of the same organization for spreading unfounded claims.

Justice (ret.) Rohini Marasinghe, chair of the HRCSL, said that neither Senna Caperella nor Sudes Nandimal could substantiate the allegations made on the Galle Face protest site on May 10.

HRCSL said in a statement released yesterday (29) that Judge Marasinge said:

HRCSL recommends that Attorney General Sanjaya Rajaratnam further investigate the allegations made by Senaka Perera and take necessary steps.

HRCSL urged PC Judge Jaiyan Sajayasuriya to be aware of the harmful remarks of Attorney Senna Caperella and take appropriate action.

HRCSL consists of Ven. Kalupahana Piyarathana Thera, Dr. MH Nimal Karunasiri, Dr. Vijitha Nanayakkara, Ms. Anusuya Shanmuganathan.

HRCSL addressed the issue in a statement entitled “HRCSL condemns false media broadcasts made by the chairman of the Commission for the Protection of Prisoners’ Rights.”

HRCSL issued a statement after the completion of a special investigation by the appointed Investigation Commission (Col).

CoI is Sanjeewa Weerawickrama, lawyer, Miss. It consisted of lmasha Senadeera, a lawyer, and Dr. Dilshani Bogollagama.

In reference to the allegations that prisoners were used to attack protesters at Galle Face and Temple Tree protest sites, HRCSL said that prisoners were not used to make attacks on peaceful protesters. He said the CoI had decided.

HRCSL argued that the unfounded allegations caused irreparable damages to the country.

HRCSL said on May 9 that a group of prisoners had been severely assaulted and tortured mentally and physically by an unidentified group.

HRCSL states: “The unprecedented ruthless nature of the attacks on prisoners and personnel has resulted in the injuries and hospitalizations of many prisoners.” Eight prisoners have not been described so far since the incident, he said.

Prisoners were made available to private companies in view of an agreement approved by the Cabinet in October 2021. On the day of the case, a group of prisoners were taken to a designated workplace and were on their way. When gangs intercept them.

“Legal lawyer Sennaka Perella admitted that she was the convener of the conference and a human rights activist. The COI told CPRP President Sri Lanka Senaka Perella, both in Sri Lanka and around the world. He provided an opportunity to justify his remarks that caused anger. For the purpose of submitting evidence, either an oral statement or a photographic document supporting his statement, Mr. Perella was extended for a legitimate period. However, it was made clear before the Commission that he had no concrete evidence in support of his expressed views on the alleged case, at the time of the statement, or even thereafter. Confirmed. Sudesh Nadimal Silva was also summoned to submit evidence prior to COl. A committee explaining the most important aspects of maintaining professional ethics told Sudesh Nadimal Silva his statement. He provided an opportunity to provide a legitimate explanation for the allegations made, but he was unable to provide acceptable evidence to support his statement.

COI is M. We observed that a press conference chaired by Senna Capellara made a completely false statement without substantive evidence.

“Following the above facts, the COI has identified the significant consequences of its negligent attitude of making unfounded statements. Inciting the public’s upset towards state ministries and staff is inadvertently national. It caused confusion in law and order.

“COI further observed that these inaccurate declarations conveyed by the above speakers contributed directly to a series of violent activities and infringements, reported throughout the island for only 48 hours. Twelve lives were lost and hundreds were injured as a result of the atrocities that occurred within. In addition, intentional damage and arson to both public and private property amounted to billions of rupees. It exceeds the loss.

“As a result of a thorough and diligent investigation, the COI came to the following conclusion: The highly irresponsible misconduct by legal attorney Sennaka Perella, with his speculative allegations without evidence to be substantiated, is disastrous. The result was good.

“Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the members of a professional body need to be guided by the code of conduct or professional ethics established by their respective professional body for the legitimate behavior of the member. Representative and influential. The conditions of these misconduct from individuals must be accountable by their respective specialized agencies.

It is COI’s view that national media agencies must consciously adhere to responsible coverage and promote journalism in good faith, especially during this precarious period of political and economic instability. This is the same as avoiding reporting the incidence directly without properly assessing this credibility and credibility. The Commission also advocates the promotion of investigative journalist practices with the aim of strengthening the democratic structure of the country. “ No prisoners were used in the attack on the protesters on May 9 – Island

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