No trial date yet for Elma Campbell fraud case

Former FNM minister acquitted in $1.2 million fraud case?

Elma Campbell, Che Chase, Damers Curry.


Nassau | Free National Movement (FNM) cabinet minister Elma Campbell in distress is still stuck in a legal maze as she awaits a trial date in her $1.2 million fraud case.

of The delay continues to fuel speculation that the judge in the case, Justice Samuel McKinney, is deliberately stalling because Campbell is a fellow FNM.

McKinney was spotted earlier this year at a celebration at an FNM church, questioning potential conflicts of interest and whether FNM supporters can be expected to remain impartial while presiding over the case of their fellow party members. I had a question about

With trial dates set for other defendants indicted after the former ambassador to China, there is no other obvious reason why the high-profile case could not go to trial.

In March 2020, Campbell and son Che Chase were indicted in a magistrate’s court on $1.2 million in fraud charges.

Prosecutors allege that the two obtained the money illegally from the Royal Bank of Canada.

Chase was also charged with possession of forged documents and speaking of forged documents.

Prosecutors allege they cashed counterfeit Tourism Department checks for $1.2 million due to Campbell Chase Law on Sept. 6, 2019.

The mother and son have also been charged with over a dozen money laundering charges.

They allegedly laundered money through bank transfers, withdrawals, and luxury car purchases between September 6, 2019 and October 16, 2019.

When they appeared in court in May 2021, their trial was scheduled for September 6-10.

But when he appeared before Magistrate McKinney on Sept. 6, he said the issue involved many attorneys who could not be accommodated by the court’s current size without violating COVID-19 social distancing protocols. said to include witnesses.

He has since postponed the issue to December 2, 2021. But nine months later, there are still no new test dates, even as the country begins to return to normal due to low COVID-19 numbers. No trial date yet for Elma Campbell fraud case

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