No updates on November prisoner deaths due to another prisoner’s death – Eye Witness News

The Bahamas, Nassau – Authorities are still waiting for a final report on the death of a prisoner in November, as another man was found dead at the facility over the weekend.

National Security Minister Wayne Munro said yesterday that no misconduct was suspected in the recent deaths of prisoners.

He states: At the end, it was strange, it would say I was a coincidence at the service, Commissioner Clear mentioned the unpredictability of life with a dead senior immigration officer.

“We left the service at about 12 o’clock. Within an hour, Commissioner Clear called me and said the prisoner was found to be unresponsive in a medium security dorm bed. At this point, no fraudulent play is suspected, but of course an autopsy is required before the final decision is made. As always, the CDU murder department has all the sudden deaths. I’m investigating, so I’m investigating this. “

Death occurs seven months after 28-year-old Mikhail Miller was found dead in the facility under suspicious circumstances.

Toxicology reports that Miller died of a blunt trauma.

Munro said in December police would investigate the matter.

But yesterday he said he hadn’t received the final report yet.

“I know I had to sign the prisoner in the process to allow him an interview, but I haven’t seen a final report on it,” he said. “I don’t remember seeing someone taken to court for the matter and charged with murder. At that time, I said it was still set to go to the coroner’s court. You will imagine.

“Such a problem is why we are trying to improve the facility. If there are people who are a little troubled to live in the general public, the problem arises. It will be built in a new high and middle prison. One of the wings that has become is a wing for people with or without mental illness, which can be contained in a way that is safe for oneself and does not injure others. “

Mitchell’s family said he was suffering from bipolar disorder and could be unstable and unpredictable if he did not take the drug. A handyman at LW Young Jr. High School, he has a history of mental illness and entered and exited the Sandylands Rehabilitation Center. No updates on November prisoner deaths due to another prisoner’s death – Eye Witness News

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