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Nora Ventu launches planned consulting

Founded by Falck Renewables and Blue Float Energy, Nora Ventu, a company that develops offshore wind farms off the coast of Sardinia, has begun discussions to provide the local community with more information on the two projects being developed in Cagliari Bay. did.

Named in honor of Sardinha’s history and ancient culture, Nora Ventu has launched a series of meetings with local stakeholders, two offshore floating wind farms, Nora Energia 1 in the southwest and Nora Energia 2 in the southeast. I explained the outline of the proposal. , The total installed capacity is about 1.4GW.

Falck and Blue Float said on Tuesday that the region’s involvement began before the start of the licensing process, the first step of which was a preliminary consultation called scoping aimed at defining the scope of the environmental impact assessment. It’s a process.

“The company’s project proposals are based on Falck Renewables’ years of knowledge of the Italian energy sector and the experience of Blue Float Energy, an offshore wind technology that allows wind turbines to be deployed in the deep sea without the need for a fixed foundation. Impacts are minimized. Work on the marine and terrestrial environment at all stages of the project and make wind resources available in the most abundant locations to increase the efficiency of wind farms and the energy requirements of Sardinia. “Contributes to Falk,” said Falk.

Requests for maritime concessions for each of the two projects were submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainability and the Port Systems Authority of Cagliari at the end of December 2021.

Local supply chain: 4000 jobs created

Falk said the benefits of the proposed project for the local economy and supply chain were significant, creating an estimated 4,000 direct jobs at each stage of manufacturing, assembly and construction. When operational, the project is expected to create more than 300 long-term jobs for maintenance activities, of which about 80% come from the locals, Falk said.

“Products and services for the construction and maintenance of floating offshore wind turbines are sourced primarily from local businesses, maximizing the local workforce, expanding skills through advanced training schemes, construction and construction. It is a phase that provides significant opportunities for local businesses in both operations. “

Falck will also benefit local infrastructure as the project relies on major industrial ports such as Caliari Port for the assembly, operation and maintenance of wind farms, enabling diversification of infrastructure and services. I am sorry that it is set.

As wind projects evolve, there are research and research opportunities, with the potential to work with Sardinian universities, research centers and technology parks to work on cutting-edge projects.

“A visual impact analysis that has already been conducted and will be submitted in the coming weeks shows that the proposed offshore wind farms located outside the territorial waters are almost imperceptible to the human eye from the coast. Shows, “Falck added.

The proposal for the Nora Energia 1 project predicts that: 53 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 795 MW, located in the waters of the Strait of Sardinia, southwest of Caliari Bay, at a distance of 22 km (minimum distance from the coast). 34 km from the coast, annual production is expected to be 2.6 TWh. This is equivalent to the consumption of more than 700,000 households and avoids the emission of about 1.5 million tonnes of CO.2 In the atmosphere every year.

The proposal for the Nora Energia 2 project predicts 40 wind turbines (total installed capacity 600 MW) in the waters of the Sardinha Strait and southeast of Cagliari Bay, about 30 km south of Cape Carbonara. It avoids the emission of more than 1 million tons of CO and is expected to produce 1.9 TWh annually, which is equivalent to the consumption of more than 500,000 households.2 Every year.

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