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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is concerned about energy security in Europe

Leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said yesterday that Europe needs to diversify its energy supply. Britain warned that Russia, the continent’s largest supplier of natural gas, is likely to be considering an invasion of Ukraine.
Russia has gathered about 120,000 troops near its neighbors, demanded that the Western Defense Alliance withdraw its troops and weapons from Eastern Europe, and banned the former Soviet state Ukraine from joining the Western Defense Alliance. ..
US officials said on Saturday that Russia’s military buildup was expanded to include supplies to treat victims of conflict. Locals were trained as military reserves when the government scrambled for preparation across the Ukrainian border.
As a sign of tension, Canada said yesterday that it was temporarily withdrawing non-essential personnel from the Ukrainian embassy, ​​but added that the embassy remained open.
If Russia invades Ukraine, the United States, which is threatening Russia with new sanctions, said it is waiting for a reply from Moscow. It does not say that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will withdraw from Eastern Europe or prohibit Ukraine from joining NATO, but it is ready to discuss topics such as arms control and confidence-building measures.
US senators are very close to the sanctions bill, two key lawmakers working on the bill said yesterday. Measures include targeting the most important Russian banks and Russian sovereign debt, and providing more deadly support to Ukraine.
U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and James Riche, the panel’s top Republican, have invaded some of the sanctions on the bill because Russia has already taken them. He said it could come into effect earlier. Menendez pointed out cyber attacks on Ukraine, false flag operations, and efforts to internally undermine the Ukrainian government.
Washington has spent weeks building agreements with European partners on strong sanctions packages, but the problem is divisive and Germany calls for “cautiousness.” The European Union relies on Russia for about one-third of its gas supply, and interruptions exacerbate the existing energy crisis caused by shortages.
“We are concerned because the energy situation in Europe shows the vulnerability of being overly dependent on natural gas suppliers, so NATO’s allies need to work and focus on supply diversification. I agree with you, “said NATO Secretary General. Jason Stoltenberg said.
Britain said yesterday that it would expand the scope of sanctions possible with this week’s bill to thwart Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“We think he’s likely trying to invade Ukraine, and that’s why we’re doing everything we can to stop him through deterrence and diplomacy,” Liz Truss said. Foreign Minister Truss told the BBC TV.
Truss, who will visit both Ukraine and Russia in the next two weeks, said the law would allow Britain to attack a much wider variety of targets. ..
Asked if the new forces could include the ability to seize London’s property, Truss said: “Nothing is off the table.”
“Given the close relationship between Russian money and the British Conservative Party, the media, and its real estate and finance, the UK is wealthy with Kremlin’s connection from London,” said the US Think Tank, the Center for Progress in the United States. The industry said it would face the challenge of eradicating Russians.
When asked about this, Truss said: And it is more important than short-term economic benefits not only for the UK but also for allies in Europe. “

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