North Cyprus News | Assets of murdered casino boss seized

[Murdered Casino Boss – Halil Falyalı]

Monday, August 29, 2022

All assets in bank accounts and cryptocurrency exchange accounts belonging to Kill Kyrenia casino boss Khalil Fararyi Yeniduzen reported that his wife Özge Taşker was arrested and placed under special investigation by the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ankara.

This is part of the Public Prosecutor’s Office investigation.Laundering illegal gambling proceeds.

According to a report by Turkish media channel T24:

It was determined that $40 million had been transferred from a cryptocurrency exchange to Fariyali’s account, but prosecutors said despite Fariyar’s murder, the organization’s executives and members continued to operate cryptocurrencies, leaving millions of dollars behind. is considered to have been transferred to the account. The organization continued to operate uninterruptedly.”.

On April 26, the Ankara Eighth Criminal Court of Peace announced that the suspect named in the file was “Real estate, land, sea, air transportation, bank accounts of any kind, clearing houses, cryptocurrency service providers or other financial institutions, real persons or legal entities, and all rights and claims, valuable documents and partnerships have decided to forfeit the shares of the companies they are partners with, safe deposit boxes, and other property values”.

An investigation launched by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating allegations that illegal gambling money was laundered through cryptocurrency exchanges.

court hearing Fallary The murder has been postponed until September.

Yeniduzen, T24 North Cyprus News | Assets of murdered casino boss seized

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