North Cyprus News, Kib-Tek Fuel Supply Tender Broadcast

[Fuel Tanker – Teknecik Power Station – File Photo]

Saturday, September 11, 2022

Bids to supply fuel to Kivtec will be publicly broadcast, Yenidzen reports.

Stakeholders share the following views:Everything is public and bids are shared live and instantly”.

Central Bidding Commission Chairman Haris Yuresin said:Bids will be broadcast live from the BRT and our official websites and other broadcasters.”.

This attempt at transparency stems from the controversy that followed a government-introduced purchase order that circumvented the bidding process.

The UBP-DP-YDP coalition government, with Ünal Üstel appointed as Prime Minister, had previously issued “decrees enforcing the law” to make purchases without tenders. It was subsequently documented that the country suffered significant economic losses from these purchases.

The auction, which is open until September 12, announced that an estimated value of $12.259 million was determined.

The latest tender was canceled and Central Bidding Commission (MIK) chairman Haris Yulesin said the reasons for the cancellation of Kib-Tek’s bid to purchase and transport 200,000 tonnes of fuel were as follows: .public interest”.

Following an application to the Constitutional Court, the government withdrew a decree allowing fuel to be purchased without going to tenders.

It turns out that six firms participated in the previously canceled tender, leaving two firms.

The difference between the two offers was $2.5 million.

According to information obtained by Yeniduzen from various sources, one company offered fuel and delivery at $47 per tonne, while another requested $60 per tonne.

Yeniduzen North Cyprus News, Kib-Tek Fuel Supply Tender Broadcast

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