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[Teknecik Power Station]

Saturday, September 3, 2022

The government is about to appoint Kib-Tek’s new deputy general manager to sign a supply deal with Turkish private energy company AKSA, which wants to boost production in Northern Cyprus. The former executive claims, reports Yeniduzen.

The general manager of AKSA Şener Şentürk told Yeniduzen that contract negotiations have not yet started.TRNC needs more capacity [for electric supply]”. However, statistics on electricity production and consumption posted on Kib-Tek’s official website contradict Shentürk’s statements.

Prime Minister Unal Yuster reportedly wants to sack deputy general manager Kamil Direl, and Kibtech’s board chairman Hassan Akiit will either resign or face dismissal if he doesn’t sack Direl. said it should. Akyiğit resigned last week.

Kib-Tek’s former chairman of the board, Hasan Amca, and many former executives argue:Claim reason [on Direl’s dismissal] It was an extension of the AKSA contract.“, and said, “The government is looking for managers to sign contracts with AKSA. “.

The former chairman of Kib-Tek Hasan Akyiğit confirmed that AKSA requested permission to increase production capacity, but claimed that Direl was required to be fired because he was believed not to sign AKSA’s contract. neither confirmed nor denied. Contract.

Despite these tweets, former deputy general manager Kamil Dirrell said the prime minister’s claim to his dismissal was “Partisan dismissals and appointments”.

Kamil Dirrell - Unal Uster

Speaking with Yeniduzen, Dirrell said:I didn’t like to party. I have never been.From day one, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay in this position for long.”.

Stealth Privatization?

Yenidzen writes:.

“Northern Cyprus consumes an average of 1.7 billion KW hours of electricity per year.

“The Teknecik power plant will supply 1 billion of this amount, while 700 million will be covered by AKSA through a purchase guarantee.

“If AKSA increases the purchase guarantee consumption to 1.5 billion KW-hours per year, 800 million of the 1 billion KW-hours of energy generated at the Teknecik power plant will be wasted.

“Some former executives, who requested anonymity, claim this will be an anonymous privatization.”.

Yeniduzen North Cyprus News | Kib-Tek Privatization Speculation Through Stealth

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