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North Korea confirms railroad missile test in US tension

The official Pyongyang news agency has confirmed the successful launch of two ballistic missiles from the train and plans to install missile operation systems nationwide.

The launch on Friday flew a distance of 430 kilometers (270 miles) at an altitude of 36 kilometers. (Reuters)

North Korean state media confirmed that the country launched two railroad-mounted tactical missiles. The third weapon will be tested this month, despite a series of new US sanctions.

North Korea’s official KCNA news agency was tested on Saturday to “check and judge the proficiency of the railroad corps’ behavioral procedures.”

The Friday launch “showed high mobility and hit rates,” KCNA said.

“The issue was discussed to set up an appropriate railroad missile operation system nationwide,” the report added.

South Korean troops said they had detected two short-range ballistic missile launches on Friday afternoon, hours after accusing North Korea of ​​”provoking” the United States over new sanctions.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said the Friday launch flew a distance of 430 kilometers (270 miles) at an altitude of 36 kilometers.

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“Pyongyang is about to attract attention”

Following the two successful hypersonic missiles on January 5th and 11th, this month was Pyongyang’s third weapons test.

In response, the United States has imposed new sanctions on North Korea this week, saying Secretary of State Antony Blinken “is trying to get attention” with a series of missile launches.

Dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang remains stagnant, and poor North Korea is also under a strict voluntary coronavirus blockade that has hit its economy.

At a major meeting of the North Korean ruling party last month, Prime Minister Kim Jong Un vowed to continue strengthening his defense capabilities.

A foreign ministry spokesman said North Korea accused Washington of “self-defense” of self-defense and “intentionally exacerbated” the situation in response to the newly imposed sanctions. I told the state media.

North Korea launched its first missile from a train in September 2021.

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