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North Korea focuses on economy and food in 2022

North Korean leaders say Pyongyang’s main goal is to rush to start economic development and improve people’s lives as North Korea faces a “massive life-and-death struggle.” I am.

Kim said the fight against the pandemic is one of the main goals of 2022. (AFP PHOTO / KCNA VIA KNS)

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong Un put the economy at the forefront and at the center of the agenda-setting speech at the end of a major ruling party meeting.

Kim’s New Year’s remarks focused on food security and development at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on Friday, rather than in a foreign policy position that has been the focus of attention in recent years.

In his final speech at the party convention, Kim acknowledged the “harsh situation” of 2021 when planning for next year.

According to South Korea’s central bank, poor nuclear-armed nations are under strict and voluntary coronavirus blockades and have caused the country’s largest economic contraction in more than 20 years in 2020.

Kim described the issue of 2022 as “a big battle for life and death” and “to fundamentally solve the problems of people’s food, clothing and housing”, which is the official news agency of the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). “Important issues” have been set. report.

Concerns about a full-scale food crisis in North Korea have risen, and UN human rights experts warned in October that the most vulnerable people were “at risk of hunger.”

Kim Jong Il, who came to power about 10 years after his father’s death, said the fight against the pandemic was one of his main goals for next year.

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Survival mode

Kim did not mention the United States or address foreign policy issues directly in his speech.

However, North Korea said it would continue to strengthen its military power, keeping in mind the changing international situation of the “military environment of the Korean Peninsula.”

That includes ensuring loyalty and obedience to the army, improving the militia, and “producing powerful equipment for modern warfare,” Kim said.

“Overall, Kim knows that revealing sophisticated military development plans while non-North Koreans are suffering from food shortages and harsh conditions may not be a good idea this year. “Maybe,” tweeted Chad Ocarol of the expert website NK News.

“North Korea is more or less in 2022 survival mode, and really doesn’t know what to do now … (about) foreign policy.”

North Korea has received multiple international sanctions on its rapidly developing nuclear and ballistic missile programs under Kim.

However, deteriorating economic conditions during the pandemic have not slowed those programs, and North Korea continues to pursue arms development, a UN report said in October.

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