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North Korea launches “unidentified projectile” to enhance its testing

Pyongyang has launched seven missiles since the beginning of 2022. And it does more testing compared to last year.

North Korea has stepped up its missile launches to demonstrate its military strength. (AP)

North Korea has launched at least one shot into the sea on suspicion of ballistic missiles, and this month’s seventh round of weapons launch seems to be putting pressure on the US government over long-term nuclear negotiations.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff on Sunday did not immediately say whether the weapon was ballistic or how much it flew.

The Japanese government said the North Korean missile had landed outside the country’s exclusive economic zone, adding that the launch violated a UN resolution.

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in will chair the National Security Council on the latest North Korean missile tests on Sunday. according to To the local news agency, Yonhap News.

It was launched three days after North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea on Thursday.

North Korea also flew a pair of so-called long-range cruise missiles on Tuesday, vowing to strengthen its nuclear “war deterrence” and build more powerful weapons.

7 missiles in 2022

North Korea has stepped up its testing efforts in recent months, including the previous seven rounds of weapons launch in 2022, amid pandemic-related difficulties and a long freeze on nuclear diplomacy with the United States. It shows that the army has the potential. make That’s all we did in 2021.

While aggressively expanding its military power despite limited resources, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also wants to rob Washington of concessions that would lead to international sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear program. In addition, it is reviving an old playbook of Pyongyang’s brinkmanship policy.

Experts say North Korea may stop testing after the start of next week’s Beijing Winter Olympics in order to respect its major ally and economic lifeline, China. However, after the end of the Olympic Games in February, it is also expected that North Korea will significantly raise its preparations for weapons demonstrations in order to draw the attention of the Biden administration, which is focusing on the confrontation between China and Russia over the confrontation with Ukraine. ing.

At a ruling party meeting chaired by General Secretary Kim on January 20, senior members said nuclear explosives and long-range missiles targeting the US mainland that Kim suspended in 2018 when he began diplomatic relations with the United States. Made a hidden threat to resume the test.

Prime Minister Kim’s summit meeting with then-President Donald Trump derailed in 2019 after Americans rejected major sanctions easing demands in exchange for a partial abandonment of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.

Source: AP

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