North Korean guards punish military leaders not prepared for storm damage

North Korea is preparing for a flood forecast of heavy rainfall on June 28th. (Labor Newspaper-News 1)

The Daily NK learned that North Korean guards recently dismissed and punished military commanders and political commissars who were not ready to repair the damage caused by the storm.

North Korean military sources told the Daily NK on Wednesday that the Guard Command reached that decision at a meeting of the Central Political Bureau on June 26. The Politburo found 115 brigade commanders and The Construction Brigade is entirely responsible for not being ready to prepare the unit to repair damage caused by floods and monsoon rain.

115 115th The construction brigade, which is part of the Security Force, is “No. Roads used exclusively by North Korean leaders” and surrounding farms, factories and other buildings.

Guards instructed 115 after weather forecasts that the monsoon would bring heavy rains across North Koreath A brigade that performs emergency repairs on the roads leading to the headquarters and villas in each region in case of damage caused by a storm.

However, even after receiving this order, the 115th Brigade did not send enough workers to the scene, sources said.

“The brigade was ordered to send a special detachment because it was the purpose of the construction unit to prevent damage to special areas under the jurisdiction of the guards, but many of its soldiers were malnourished. The brigade was unable to immediately dispatch a special detachment because it was suffering from malnutrition, tuberculosis, or recovering at home. The guards needed urgent work to minimize the damage caused by the storm. I knew that when it happened, so I took a strict approach to this issue, “explained the source.

Security Command was responsible for considering that the brigade’s combat capabilities were completely reduced, especially as trees beside the road were cut down and repair workers could not be dispatched after a flood on the road leading to a particular villa. Punished the commander of the 115th Brigade. In North Pyongan, sources said.

Sources further reported that the Central Political Bureau of the Guard Command was sharply critical of the brigade commander and political commissar. If at some point the soldiers were not ready to be quickly deployed to the scene, the brigade’s discipline must have been terrible, the Politburo said, and reports that half of the brigade’s personnel were weakened. He added that it was a shame for the guards.

According to the Politburo, the worst part was that the road leading to the villa could not be quickly repaired and the Supreme Leader could not be escorted at his request. This was a fatal flaw in the security force’s revolutionary mission to protect North Korean leaders. ..

However, some North Koreans believe that the depletion of the 115th Brigade’s combat capabilities was due to the military’s inability to provide the necessary supplies.

“The 115th Brigade is nominally part of the Security Force, but its members are a bit better than the manual workers who growl in the field with basic equipment. Nevertheless, they are usually They are weaker and malnourished, and their weakened limbs look as spiky as flies and mosquito feet, “said sources.

“Statistics show that 80% of all Security Force deaths occurred in the 115th Brigade,” sources continued. “But the Central Political Bureau of the Guard emphasized that it was appropriate for brigade commanders and political commissars to be held. Responsible, punished, and such a conclusion was rational.”

After learning about the state of 115th The brigade’s guards reportedly ordered the brigade’s weakened soldiers to be treated and cared for in hospitals and nursing homes, rather than being dispatched to repair the damage caused by the storm. The guards also ordered headquarters to immediately address issues related to soldier health and logistics.

All soldiers from 115, thanks to these orders, which are part of an attempt to repair the damaged reputation of the guard The brigade, which had been recovering at home, would be treated at a security hospital or nursing home, sources added.

Translated by David Carruth. Edited by Robert Roller.

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