North Korean hackers were responsible for 45% of $3.8 billion in cryptocurrency thefts in 2022


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according to chain analysis report Over $3.8 billion was stolen from cryptocurrencies in 2022, with 45% of the stolen goods coming from North Korean hackers.

Analyzing the horrific losses of cryptocurrencies, the report finds March and October to be peak periods for hack attacks with up to 55 individual hacks totaling a staggering and record amount of $1.4 billion in 2022. emphasized. $430 million each.

In the last four years, the amount of money stolen by hacks has increased sixfold, leaving many questions about investing in cryptocurrency security. Surprisingly, there will be fewer hacks in 2022 (over 200 hacks and $3.8 billion stolen) than in 2021 (over 200 hacks and $3.3 billion stolen).

North Korea leads robbery gang

The top major hackers based in North Korea are Lazaruspopularly known as the Guardians of Peace, is a 12-year-old little-known hacker group run by the North Korean government that has been implicated in a significant number of state-sponsored cyberattacks around the world. I’m here.

Lazarus, along with other lesser-known hacking syndicates, siphoned the $1.7 billion global crypto market in 2022, breaking the personal year-over-year record by as much as $1.2 billion. This robbery is significant because it is worth 10 times his total export earnings realized by the socialist state in 2020.


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Many experts believe that such stolen funds are central to the promotion of nuclear weapons activities in socialist states.

DeFi’s biggest blow

DeFi suffered the biggest losses of all sectors. Chainalysis estimates total losses in 2022 at $3.1 billion, representing 82.1% of his total 2022 cryptocurrency losses. Most hacker exercises.

After the US government cracked down on, a popular cryptocurrency mixer platform, in August 2022, hackers continued their illegal activities using Sinbad, a relatively new protocol similar to Tornado Cash. . The platform has received approximately 1,429.6 bitcoins worth approximately $24.2 million over the past two months.

Transparency, consistently hailed as one of cryptocurrency’s greatest strengths, is beginning to be exploited as a major weakness, according to the analysis. Chainalysis was proposing the use of security testing, external audits, and circuit breaker features as solutions for his ailing DeFi. North Korean hackers were responsible for 45% of $3.8 billion in cryptocurrency thefts in 2022

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