North Tapanuri: Governor Sends Logistics Aid Following Earthquake

MEDANG, NORTH SUMATRA (ANTARA) – North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi has provided material aid to those affected by the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that struck the North Tapanuri district of North Sumatra at 2:28 am local time on Saturday. Sent.

The governor has instructed relevant teams to act quickly to mitigate the effects of the earthquake, North Sumatra Regional Disaster Mitigation Department (BPBD) chief Harris Rubis informed in Medan on Saturday.

Governor Ramayadi also requested BPBD to deploy a team of personnel to conduct rapid assessment and mapping using drones.

“We have dispatched a team of logistical support and rapid assessors to the disaster-affected locations. This rapid assessment and data collection must be carried out immediately,” Rubis said.

Logistical aid will be able to reach and distribute to affected communities as soon as possible on Saturday, he said.

Aid consists of essentials, tents, blankets, mattresses, and food for the family.

Meanwhile, the rapid assessment conducted by the North Sumatra BPBD team includes collecting data on damage to housing, public and social facilities.

“Later on, things like construction of public kitchens, refugee tents and other basic needs (facilities) of the community will take place,” Lubis said.

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According to initial reports, the quake damaged several homes, offices, hospitals, and other public facilities.

Some road sections were reportedly damaged and collapsed in the earthquake, causing trees to fall and landslides. An earthquake caused a fire at the Sarulla market in Pahae Jahe.

As of 8:30 a.m. local time, the Meteorological, Climate and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) had reported 58 aftershocks, the strongest reaching magnitude (M) 5.1 and the weakest 2.5M. reached.

Based on modeling results, the earthquake did not pose a tsunami hazard.

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