North wind moves purple jellyfish to the south (map)

The purple jellyfish left the Saronic Gulf, the beaches of Athens and Attica, and the neighboring islands during the week of July 1-10, 2022, and are now being seen on the island of Kikurage. .. According to the Jelly Report on the existence of Greek jellyfish, published on Sunday, July 10, 2022, it was the strong northerly wind that caused the movement of the jellyfish population.

JellyReport is based on registration / observation at inaturalist Online Platform July 1-10, 2022

Based on the weekly wind forecasts for the week of July 11-17, it is likely that the north wind will push the purple jellyfish further south, away from the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea and the Corfu Island in the Ionian Sea. The sea Greek biodiversity clock.

It should be noted that the wind changes direction between day and night.

But next to the wind, another factor is the local current. Where the jellyfish move depends on the currents in each region.

The Jelly Report Every Sunday, we publish information about the month we are in, especially the last 10 days of jellyfish sightings, upcoming weather conditions for the next week, and other information about jellyfish in general.

For the correct information, citizens are invited to upload their recordings to iNaturalist Via website: Or the corresponding application “iNaturalist” available on Android and iOS phones.

Looking at jellyfish, citizens are asked to take a minute or two to upload their jellyfish records to iNaturalist ( This allows you to provide information to the public. Not only for the existence of jellyfish, but also for monitoring the phenomenon of occurrence and appearance.

JellyReport Greece until 2022 (Currently not total)

JellyReport Attica / Athens so far 2022 (Currently not total)

At the beginning of July, researchers at the Greek Ocean Research Center (ELKETHE) Purple jellyfish was relatively declining..

KTG’s post on jellyfish in the summer of 2022 here Tips on what to do if you get stung and how to avoid the affected beaches here. North wind moves purple jellyfish to the south (map)

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