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MP Professor GL Peiris told the Constitutional Council (CC) yesterday (23) that the appointment of a new Electoral Commission (EC) is pending the completion of local government polls scheduled for March 9. requested to be postponed. EC He consists of 5 members.

Professor Peiris addressed the weekly Nidahas Janatha Sabhawa (NJS) briefing in Nawala, urging the 10-member CC, headed by Chairman Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, not to take actions that would jeopardize the election. .

The former foreign minister filed the appeal hours before Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Secretary General of Parliament Kushani Rohanadira announced the CC’s first meeting on the morning of January 25. CC’s.

Referring to recent reports of alleged death threats directed against two EC members, KPP Pathirana and SB Divaratne, Professor Peiris advised the CC not to resort to unilateral action.

Against the backdrop of an unprecedented series of despicable attempts meant to force the cancellation of the scheduled election, Professor Peiris explains how attempts to replace the EC in terms of the 21st Amendment are being made. We discussed Taka.

Professor Peiris referred to Treasury Secretary Mahinda Siriwardena’s affidavit to the Supreme Court regarding the development of the economic crisis and questioned the controversial position taken by the official.

Rep. Peiris has accused the Treasury Secretary of facilitating the Wickremesinghe-Rajapaksa government’s strategy aimed at somehow canceling the politically sensitive election, and will take a similar position during the November 2024 presidential election. asked if I would take it.

Professor Peiris has declared that the EC’s decision on the March 2009 poll cannot be overturned under any circumstances, and the Treasury Secretary’s affidavit to the SC will attempt to derail the ongoing election process for the seventh time. claimed to be a failed attempt at

The former law professor and former minister said the government objected to EC Chairman Nimal Punchihewa’s announcement of the date of the LG poll. The government made the mistake of not allowing all members to accompany the EC chairman’s lawyer Panchhewa when he made the announcement.

Professor Peiris emphasized that there is no provision requiring all members to be in place when a specific election date is announced.

SLPP rebels face voters as both the UNP and SLPP struggle on the political front and find growing public outrage over the way the Wickremesinghe-Rajapaksa government is handling the issues at hand. said he was afraid to

Professor Peiris asked whether the current administration consulted the Treasury Department before 39 ministers of state were appointed last September and two cabinet ministers most recently. Professor Peiris asked why, if the economy is in such a precarious state, why has the current administration appointed a do-nothing secretary of state? The constitution allows for 30 ministerial appointments and her 40 non-ministerial appointments. President Wickremesinghe has so far appointed 20 ministers and 39 non-ministers.

Prof Peiris said Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena’s denial of government minister Neil Bandara Hapuhina’s allegations requires a thorough investigation.

Hapuhina is on record to say she has been instructed in this regard by Cabinet Secretary Donald Fernando, Professor Peiris said.

Professor Peiris said the government could not remain silent on the issue. The UNP and SLPP recognized that LG’s poll loss would affect its nationwide campaign for an early general election, he said, SLPP National List MP.

Constitutionally, the president can dissolve parliament in March this year.

Professor Peiris said that those who failed to do so for whatever reason would be held accountable, referring to what he called a landmark Supreme Court ruling regarding the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks. It reminded me that Northern China’s Mohe city reports coldest temperatures – The Island

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