Northern Cyprus News | According to a survey, 72% want to adopt the euro

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The survey was conducted in April 2022, and Yeniduzen reported that 500 people participated in a telephone survey by the Center for Immigration Identity and Rights Research (CMIRS *). The survey found that 72.38% of participants wanted a move to the euro in the light of the devaluation of the Turkish lira and its continued impact on the country.

CMIRS regularly measures the political, social, personal self-confidence, and well-being of Turkish Cypriots every three months from 2013, and these ratios have evolved over time. We observed how they were affected by and their relationship with each other. other.

Northern Cyprus News-Mine Eusel
[Mine Yucel – Director of CMIRS]

The director of CMIRS Mine Eusel said:

“”Societies are generally seen as pessimistic about economic, political and social issues, especially economic ones. It has the lowest score ever on issues of national governance and democratic functioning. Participants also believe that corruption and organized crime are common in the country and undermine the sense of justice in society.

“Participants are not confident in their politicians, and the percentage of those who say they don’t vote is quite high. It’s also common to think that participants can’t influence politics. This is this. A very suggestive result in terms of the health of the country’s organization and democracy. Almost all participants believe that things are going wrong in the country, and most of the country is negative. The fact that they have emotions shows that society is very pessimistic in this study, which has been conducted since 2013.

“All of these results also explain the solutions published in this chapter and the findings of the Southern survey. As the domestic situation worsens, participants are increasingly seeking to resolve the Cyprus problem. In the meantime, confidence-building measures and the opening of new gateways are desired, especially between the two communities. In addition, the most preferred solution scenarios are the Bi-Community and Bi-Regional Federation models.

“In addition to the views on the solution, CTP has also become a major party for the first time in a long time. Nearly three-quarters of participants believe that national rulers are not acting in the interests of the people. The rulers of the country need to look at the socially accumulated dissatisfaction with them and develop policies to relieve them accordingly.“.

* CMIRS is a think tank in Northern Cyprus that addresses migration, identity and human rights issues.

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