Northern Cyprus News | As crime rates rise, international students face more prejudice

Thursday, June 30, 2022

International students claim that they are facing more prejudice as the number of crimes committed by foreigners increases and they are deported, Yeniduzen reported.

In the last two months, 376 people found to have no legal status or were involved in a crime have been deported, according to Interior Ministry immigration data.

People in the higher education sector point out that universities and police need to work together to better monitor foreigners entering the country.

Student representatives, meanwhile, talk about the financial difficulties students face and complain that they are concentrated in the same group of people who live illegally in the country or who are committing crimes.

Educational institutions pointed out that the country has very successful students of high quality and emphasized that the subject is very sensitive, saying:You should see people coming in with the intention of learning“.

Ashraf Salim, president of the Foreign Student Union (VOIS), said something must be done to counter the main reasons for the increased crime rates of students. Saleem said, “Unfortunately, domestic students are considered an economic investment“.

In another report, international students I was invited to study abroad in Northern CyprusWith a low tuition paid job promise, so that they can support themselves. But if there is work to do, it is very low-paying and careless students are being exploited. After that, some rely on drug trafficking to become independent, while others drop out of college altogether.

Interior Minister Ziya Öztürkler said more than 150 people had been deported for illegally staying in the country in the last two months. A total of 376 foreigners were deported within the same time frame, he said.

“”We have legal status and do not oppose anyone in our country who is not in the country to disturb peace. But otherwise, do what you need to do. We do all this within the respect of human rights and within the legal framework.I have assumed all these powers and responsibilities“, He said.

Jeniduzen Northern Cyprus News | As crime rates rise, international students face more prejudice

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