Northern Cyprus news | Big increase in electricity bills

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Since the introduction of the new electricity tariff, households consuming 250 kWh of electricity per month have seen a 60% increase in bills, Yeniduzen reports.

Electricity tariff increased from 825 TL to 2,655 TL, previously 3,400 TL to 6,500 TL.

Consumers using 250-500 kWh will notice a 20% increase in their bill.

For example, a consumer who used 250 kWh or more paid a monthly bill of 250 TL, but this figure increased to 400 TL.

Electricity prices skyrocketed in March when Faiz Skoor was prime minister. Following public outcry, Skoll announced that part of March’s hike would be funded by the state for a month.

After a change in government and the appointment of Unal Yuster as prime minister, electricity prices were raised again in July.

A triple tariff, introduced to encourage minimal electricity consumption, was abolished when the recently resigned Sunat Atun was Minister of Finance.

Yeniduzen Northern Cyprus news | Big increase in electricity bills

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