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[Meryem Özkurt – BRTK]

Wednesday, June 7, 2022

Kibris Postasi reported that one of the directors of BRTK Meryem Özkurt was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment for failing to comply with the October 2020 election ban.

In her post-judgment statement, Ozkult said five other commercial television stations broadcast the same broadcast that day, but were not charged with the same crime.

She said she was unaware that Turkish Cypriot politicians would address the public that day.

In the presidential election on October 11, 2020, eight months after the repairs were carried out, a ceremony was held to commemorate the resumption of water flowing from Turkey to the Geçit köy reservoir via the submarine pipeline. The event was broadcast live on six television channels, including BRTK.

Ozkult said:In that day’s broadcast, TRNC politicians agreed not to speak. Only Turkish politicians agreed to speak, but unfortunately TRNC politicians took the podium one by one and gave a speech. In addition to BRT, all private channels and WebTV except SIMTV made this broadcast.

“I still believe in public broadcasting. I don’t think this punishment is worth it. When so many thieves, scammers and bureaucrats in the country are sitting unfairly in their offices. There is no doubt about them. I can’t digest this punishment and practice given to me. [which led to it]..

“After this broadcast I made for my country, I am curiously waiting for the attitude of politicians in the face of this punishment given to me.“.

Executives from Kıbrıs TV, Genç TV, Kanal T, Diyalog TV, and Ada TV, which aired on the same day, were not sued for broadcasting the event during the election ban.

Özkurt’s lawyer Feyzi Hansel said the ruling was exorbitant and unprecedented. Appeal against the decision today.

Kibris Postasi Northern Cyprus News | BRTK Director Imprisoned for Breaking Election Ban

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