Northern Cyprus news | Commission votes on municipal reform bill

[Parliamentary Committee Meeting]

Friday, August 12, 2022

A draft “(special) law on the unity of local governments” was approved by a majority at an all-night meeting held last night by the parliament’s executive, public and health affairs committee, Yeniduzen reported.

Meanwhile, outside the parliament building, city officials held a protest.

The purpose of the new law is to streamline local councils and reduce their overall number.

Reform was long overdueBut municipal workers, fearing for their jobs, protested.

The police blocked the road in front of the parliament Bill had traffic diverted last night.

The prime minister, cabinet ministers and opposition lawmakers participated in the debate. The Committee’s meetings were also attended by officials from the Human Resources Department, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Interior, and the presidents of the BES and DEV-İŞ trade unions, who gave their opinions and suggestions on this issue.

The bill oversees a reduction in the number of municipalities.

The main reasons for the bill are:

This bill allows the municipal elections scheduled for June 2022 to be reorganized to create more modern municipalities, and to be more effective and efficient by merging a large number of municipalities. carried out to provide a public service.

“The bill will increase the quality and efficiency of services by combining the physical and human resources of local governments, so that they can provide more effective and efficient services. Names, borders have been revised, strengthening the administrative capacity of local governments and enabling the implementation of large-scale projects”.

Yeniduzen Northern Cyprus news | Commission votes on municipal reform bill

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