Northern Cyprus News | Concerns about Freedom of Speech Bill

Monday, May 30, 2022

Jeniduzen reported growing concerns about the introduction of private life and private area protection laws and useful publication laws.

Freedom limit step“teeth”Criticisms and comments on social media are considered criminal and thousands of proceedings are filed!“”

Jeniduzen states that the new law that limits freedom of speech aims to create a climate of horror in the country by exploiting the threat of crime and punishment through a fully interpretable and relative concept. increase.

Examples: “Create dissatisfaction and hostility towards the President” or “Destroy the friendship between the Republic of Turkey in Northern Cyprus and Turkey”.

Allegations of “dissatisfaction” or “hostility” can attract a five-year prison sentence, Yeniduzen writes.

Elsewhere, in support of the new bill, President Ersin Tatar said Turkish Cypriots were insulted if he was insulted.

The Bill on the Protection of Private Life and the Private Area of ​​Life also includes new regulations that extend the definition of “social media” to: Mass media is available that allow social media users to create media content individually or in groups and share written audio or visual content.

Ten days ago, Hasan Esendağlı, chairman of the bar association, said: The people who drafted the bill were fascist and reactionary..

Opposition leader (CTP) Tufan El Hurman, a professional lawyer May 21, “Freedom in this country is not a toy that can be used to secure a reputation that cannot be achieved in a democratic way, with the threat of crime and punishment.“.

He said that some conditions of the new economic protocol signed with Turkey have nothing to do with the economy, Attempted to interfere with basic rights and freedoms Of Turkish Cypriots.

Jeniduzen Northern Cyprus News | Concerns about Freedom of Speech Bill

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