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[CTP Leader – Tufan Erhürman]

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

“”As the main opposition leader [CTP]I don’t think it’s correct to talk about elections three and a half months after the last election, but Mr. Skool himself had already declared an early election during the formation of the first government.“The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) chairman Tuban Erhürman said,” the BRT reported.

Emphasizing that early elections are inevitable, Elfurman was critical of how the mission to form a new government would be treated after President Tatar handed over the mission to Unal Ustel. Later, both CTP and HP leaders said they would not meet with Üstel to discuss the formation of a new coalition government.

Erhürman said the current situation is illegal, in which case the new government formed is not legal.

He said the government should not be confused with parliament, and the issue of legitimacy was not due to parliament, but to the government that was to be formed.

Erhürman said the situation was not normal, adding:Of course, what happened is left behind, but it creates a hole.Only the will of the people, the early elections, fills the void created“.

Mr Elman said he would not meet with the Union Bancaire Privative Party (UBP) within the framework of the new administration, which should be perceived as a reaction to recent events, not as a personal or institutional event. Emphasized.

He emphasized that the CTP’s attitude would be determined by an approved party committee, and announced that party executives would meet and a party parliamentary meeting would be held at the beginning of the week.

BRTK Northern Cyprus News | CTP does not cooperate

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