Northern Cyprus News | Energy Minister Revokes Decision to Resign

[Minister of Economy and Energy – Olgun Amcaoğlu]

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Nicosia Orgun Amkaoul’s UBP deputy director resigned last night only to frown, saying, “I work according to the Prime Minister’s intentions“, Yeniduzen reported.

Mr. Amkaoul, who was appointed Minister of Economy and Energy, did not provide detailed reasons for his desire to resign. However, he was critical of the additional obligations added to Kib-Tek subscribers’ invoices, saying that it was poor control that caused Kib-Tek’s financial problems. He added that the additional obligation of the bill is illegal. The Taxes have been canceled in a hurry According to the Council of Ministers.

In a second statement announcing that he had changed his mind about his resignation, he said:After the issues within the party were reflected in the public, we were with the prime minister we admire. It is right for us to work together to succeed and save the country from the problems we are facing as early as possible.We have already suffered enough problems and decided together that there should be no more problems“.

Jeniduzen Northern Cyprus News | Energy Minister Revokes Decision to Resign

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