Northern Cyprus News | Government Crisis Tatar Cancels Visit to Britain

[President Ersin Tatar – PM Faiz Sucuoglu]

Saturday, April 30, 2022

The leader of UBP Faiz Sucuoglu, who resigned from the government, commented on the decision of other coalition members, the YDP and DP to not vote for confidence in the government, and said early elections would be the most likely outcome. , BRT reported.

After President Tatar did not support his request to dismiss Finance Minister Sunat Atun for one disciplinary action, Skoul, who was still in power until a new government was formed, resigned. After that, the president accepted the prime minister’s ultimatum and decided to resign.

Meanwhile, all actions on the economy and electricity prices remain suspended until a new government is formed.

Sucuoğlu referred to the Party of Russia’s (YDP) and Democratic Party (DP)’s decision not to vote for confidence in the UBP-DP-YDP coalition, saying it was okay at their meeting Friday morning. moreover,”Whatever happened, it happened in the afternoon and they changed their decision..

“”Here is the image of early elections.Early general elections are waiting for the country I see here..

“”I don’t know if there are other possibilities, but after all these trials and nothing happens, we’re in the process of discussing whether there is an early election in line with democracy.“.

He said the YDP and DP set a 100-day deadline to implement certain items of the Protocol, some of which are part of the government’s program.

Sucuoğlu said, “This is why we found it strange. It is unlikely that UBP will accept an approach such as “sign this or do not vote for trust.” After voting for confidence, he said he would discuss it for a long time and decide together. We also planned to add items ourselves.But can’t accept a threat-like approach“.

He said the latest developments would be appreciated today.

Elsewhere, Kibris Postasi reports that President Tatar canceled his planned visit to the United Kingdom on Tuesday, May 3, following these recent events.

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