Northern Cyprus News | Kib-Tek Faces Fuel Shortage Again: CTP

[Salahi Şahiner – CTP]

Thursday, June 23

Kib-Tek has only two days left to fuel, said CTP Deputy SalahiŞahiner, Yeniduzen reported.

In a written statement, Schachner said:When a country is hit by a fire like this, it is only a matter of time before the country falls into darkness in the scorching heat.“.

Schachner said, “A new crisis is waiting for us at the door while we are trying to overcome all these problems“, Add it”The dark days are approaching as Kıb-Tek’s fuel is running out and someone loves TPIC.* “.

“”It is only a matter of time before it sinks into the scorching darkness during such a fire.The reason is [Finance Minister] Olgun Amcaoğlu’s incredible claim on the supply and transportation of fuel needed by Kıb-Tek “.

SalahiŞahiner argued that TPIC, called a trusted company, could not find the fuel and wanted to change the quality of the fuel. He said the reason for TPIC’s allegations was that the fuel supply to the country could be safely transported.

However, as of today, CTP Deputy Schachner, who claimed that TPIC was unable to find fuel and ships, said:Finding a fuel does not meet the quality standards we desire. “..

Northern Cyprus News-Teknecik Power Plant
[Teknecik Power Plant – File Photo]

“”In other words, the government, which does not know what TPIC is doing to allow it to buy fuel cheaply and sell it to Kıb-Tek, damages our power plants and damages our people and our environment. To poison them and standardize them, step by step to follow the path Arıklı follows.We are facing UBP“.

Şahiner goes on to say:If the government consistently repeats the same mistakes, it will be a decision, not a mistake.“,addition,”The burden is on you.These people will surely ask you to explain this day“.

* Turkish Petroleum Corporation

Jeniduzen Northern Cyprus News | Kib-Tek Faces Fuel Shortage Again: CTP

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